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  1. Hi Kim I think it might be the one in Brians display you saw http://imsirius2.multiply.com/video/item/38/2008_Grinch.wmv http://www.claremontchristmaslights.com/Home_Page.php
  2. Hi Darrel It was so nice to meet you at the Chicago Mini. We had a great time chatting with you and other attendees. We only arrived back home on Saturday so when we get back into our routine we will have to start thinking of starting on this years display. Would like your address too. Linda & George

  3. lhadden

    A big Thanks

    Carrie and Dave, What can we say that hasn't already been said. It was a weekend that we will never forget and ranks as the best time ever that we have enjoyed in the USA. The warm welcome by everyone made us feel more than just "the Brits". It was wonderful meeting folk who have only been a name to us for the last 10 years on PC. George finally got to learn how to use the Lightkeeper Thankyou so much for making all this possible. Linda & George
  4. Thanks very kind of you Luke but we have been told we can pay at a toll Oasis. Going to try and find one Friday morning.
  5. We got a slip from a toll booth to send off payment but can not pay this way as they want a cheq or money order not cash. We can't pay on line as we are out of country . Phoning the car rental Co for advice.
  6. Finally arrived here at the Courtyard last night. Flying from Norwich (UK) - Amsterdam - O Hare Chicago took 8 hours. Driving the 9 miles from O Hare to the Courtyard took 3.5 hours. When the sun is not out we dont know whats North , East, South or West. So far been thru 1 toll without paying Now you know how we lost the British Empire Looking forward to meeeting you all.
  7. Thanks Mike. I know you explained this to me & George when we met up in May but this tutorial is excellent. Bye the way I love the wireframes you have made. See you in a few weeks Linda
  8. Jason & Carrie The Courtyard Marriot told us when we enquired about trains to downtown that they do a shuttle to the staion and if you ring them with a time they will bring you back. Linda
  9. Thanks Ronda & Alan I would appreciate it.
  10. Thanks Joe, I am in the UK so I can not buy from the stores. I will be in Chicago in September but I doubt they will be in the stores that early. Linda
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