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  1. Hello All! I was wondering if anyone has put flickering bulbs in their street lamp blow molds? If so, was it bright and obvious enough to be worth the priciness of the bulb? I have included an example of the molds I am referring to. Thank you!!
  2. Hi All! Safeway in the Bay Area, California, has a dog blow mold for Halloween! It is battery powered and has an LED light that changes colors. He is super sturdy and really fun. $29.99! If our Safeway stores have him, maybe yours may too!
  3. They will probably light up ok, but getting a clean cut has been a challenge for us with other thicker molds, such as the Gemmy Disney Mickey and Minnie from Lowes. But we haven't drilled these Halloween molds yet, so I can't speak to the illumination for sure.
  4. Hi All! Michael's has 2 non lit tabletop blow molds this year. One is a pretty close replica of the 1969 Empire Pumpkin Man, but the plastic is much thicker. $18 in store, but not yet available online. They have a 50% off coupon.
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