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    Every Christmas with my family is my favorite Christmas story.
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    Syracuse NY
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    Fairly new to blow mold collecting, but I am definitely making up for lost time!
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    Reading and gardening
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    We decorate primarily for Halloween and Christmas. Since we're on a corner and have a fairly wide and long lot, we do quite a bit.

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  1. Thanks! Vampire plugs and wires have been recommended by several people - we definitely need to give it a try! And I absolutely LOVE your choir stand set up!
  2. Hi all. I was wondering how everyone gets power to their blow molds - especially displays with a lot of them. We're finding it challenging to figure out how to run a bunch of extension cords and triple taps, since each blow mold requires its own dedicated outlet/plug-in. Does anyone have a different way of doing this? Thank you!
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