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    Long Island, NY
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    Father of 2 and Grandfather of 2. Love electronics, woodworking and of course Christmas. I've been decorating for 30 years. Started with a string of lights and a snowman blowmold.
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    Electronics, woodworking, Collecting Department 56 Villages (Dickens and Halloween), Learning how to play guitar.
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    National Service Manager for an electronics company.
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    The display is 98% hand made. Lots of animation using low voltage motors and electronic control circuitry. Themes like *Sesame Street, *Bob the builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, *Whinnie the Pooh, *Santa's workshop. Precious Moments Nativity scene, *gingerbread house and ice skating pond.
    I have a train with operating crossing gate, operating carousel. Christmas countdown clock. More animation than lights but I'm looking into computerized lighting.
    * Animation
  1. Hello All And Merry Christmas, I made a video this year of my Dickens Village. Hope you all enjoy. Best to all, Tom
  2. Part 2 Here's how I set up a scene. This is the farm section of the display. After determining wher the various buildings are to be arranged I cut holes in the foam with a foam cutter and run the light up through the table. I cut channels to the necessary areas as shown in Scene 1. Scene 2 shows how it looks with the roadbed cloth installed over the foam. Holes are cut with a razor and the wires are fed through. The cloth can be used over and over simply by cobering the slits with masking tape from behind. In Scene 3, the buildings are installed. Scene 4 shows the finished scene w
  3. Attached are some photos of my setup. Table 1 shows the construction of the center section of my village. The frame is 1x4 Poplar and the legs are 1 3/4" Poplar. The top is 3/8" ply. The holes are 2 1/4" arranged in a grid patern 8" on center. This allows for a lot of flexibility when arranging houses. The village is assembled in three sections from back to front and measures 6 x10 when complete. Table 2 is another view. Table 3 - 2" foam on top. Holes cut into foam through holes allow wires to be strung. The last pic shows how it looks from below. I'll send some more pics showing ha
  4. Happy NewYear!! My wife and I have been collecting Dept 56 Dickens Village for the lats 12 years. Here are some pictures of this years display. Regards, Tom
  5. Tom, Can you give me more information about your powerd track? I understand you used battery chargers, is that correct? If so I'd love to know how you connected them to the track, how much track one charger will effectively cover and any other detailed information you'd care to share. Thanks in advance. Ken Knighton

  6. I built the fence out of 1x2 furring strips. The sections are attached to the lamp posts. If you decide to build them, paint the pieces before you assemble them. It's a LOT easier. I learned that the hard way. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any other info. Tom

  7. Hello, How did you build your fence? Pleas elet me know i like it alot.

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