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  • My favorite Christmas story
    My mom always had us decorating the inside of the house, beautiful Christmas music and a big to-do with decorating our tree. It always felt magical growing up. We still go out and pick our tree then all get together a pack the Christmas tree with decade old ornaments. It's wonderful.
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    Richmond, Indiana
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    Just a young Christmas enthusiast trying to grow my display!
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    Crafts, decorating, displays, keeping busy!
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    Administrative Assistant
  • About my display
    I bought my first home in November 2015 and immediately realized the opportunity at hand. No one in my family had ever decorated outside the home, but we had a long-running tradition of seeing lights EVERY year. And I thought, why can't I do that?

    So I did.

    We started with several small cheap lighted frames, a free artificial tree, some string lights and lots of lighted in-ground candy canes. Each year we add more lights, bigger displays. My favorite are animated displays which is what I'd like to continue to add. We have two currently, the newest is a 5 ft dancing frosty the snowman. I'm ecstatic!

    Our goal: make it magical!

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  1. I'm wondering how durable this type of LED light is? We've not seen much or them or used them. They seem very delicate and look near impossible to replace. We also don't know if it works like other lights, where if one goes out-you lose a strand or portion of a strand. Anyone have more knowledgeable about these kinds of lights? We liked the way the whole tree looked and that it twinkles, but not sure it's worth investing. 20191013_161213.mp4
  2. I'm looking for suggestions or ideas on how to decorate...well a hill! In past years, we've used it to make a multi function "flowing" waterfall/stream, as well as pinned rope light into the hill to write "peace on earth" with a moving shooting star that sits on top of it. I wanted to move some things around this year, because we have a couple new items and continue to grow our collection...but I simply can't think of anything else to do with the hill. I can't leave it bare, I know that! It's not terribly steep, but we do have a hard time keeping decorations from falling over on the hill in the wet, windy Indiana winter. Any other with hills? What have you done? Tia!
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