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  1. NM figured it out. The ones Lor uses is a special. So much for saving money
  2. OK so in an effort to save time and money i bought this connector from my local electronic store. Only problem is it is not pinned yet. Does anyone know the pin configuration for the lor controller adaptor.
  3. For me it all started when i was 4 or five my grandpa would always decorate his house, and I was facinated by the lights. He had a small tree inside the house, he called it michael's tree. He kept the tree up all year in a corner so i could play with it all year long. I guess that where it all started. I too would decorate my room for christmas. My dad always put up lights but i saw so much more potential in the display than he did. he put up lights just to do it. We they got divorced i lost myself into christmas it was the only thing that made me happy. I loved the enjoyment others would get
  4. sundays are really good for me too
  5. I would be interested. when you get some more details let me know.
  6. well ive been looking for some projects to do in my spare time. I have an old wreath that is about 8 or 9 years old, and it is one of my favorite decorations. Unfortunatlly over the years the lights have faded and stoped working. So i decide to upgrade. I strung some leds on it an man what a difference. take a look at the comparison. Just wanted to share because i am excited.
  7. Hey guys been a while since ive talked to some of you. Well after my year off, ive decide to get back on the horse. Christmas 2008 without the display was kinda sad,but i fell rejuvinated and have started the 2009 display. I finally decided to move into lor instead of AL and man am i glad i did, software is much easier to use. andersonholidaylighting.com is no more, look for the new site coming soon. Well anyways hope to hear from you all and i missed the post about the mar 14th meeting.
  8. Glad to hear things are going well can't wait to get the replacments.
  9. i mixed the leds and minis last year, and it is important to change over sections of the display. I have some pics on my website if anyone is interested in seeing the mix of the two. http://www.andersonholidaylighting.com
  10. Thanky you for all you help, im going to go check out big lots
  11. I am looking for 4 floodlight holders, preferably with a wall and stake mount. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Last yearI used the c9 replacement ledbulbs from vickerman,I did have problems with fading them with AL,and will not be using them this year. Big waste of money. Maybe the brands are different the vickerman bulbs were less expensive.
  13. I need some help. All of my Christmas stuff is packed away and i really don't want to tear it apart. I need to know the lighted length of the target brand 100 Ct minis. Thank you.
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