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    Fifth year with animated light show.
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    Golf, biking, amateur radio.
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    25,000 lights, 1 mile of extension cord, 176 Light-o-rama channels, 15 songs sequenced, 40 minute show. First year with substantial number of LED lights.
  1. ShopKo carries the TrimMerry brand in various sized -- currently 70% off. Ridiculous high starting price but at 70% off I had to buy a couple to work into the display somehow. Scott
  2. Any other viewers out there want to let us know about your 2010 display? Mine: * 25,000 lights, 176 LOR channels, 15 songs, ~40 minutes long * 5:30-10:00PM each night -- 10:30 on Fri and Sat * 4403 Keldoon Ave in the Boise Highlands area. Any online map service will help you find it. * Videos on www.vimeo.com -- search for Boise, Christmas Scott Tuthill
  3. Got my three boxes on the 25th. Checked it out over the weekend. The order was complete and the lights looked awesome -- I got Red and Green C-6 70 count strings. The lights were bright and the color's rich. Paul what a great experience dealing with you and your team. You can count on my future business.
  4. How dimmable are the C6 and M6 lights in a LOR display? Anyone have any experience? Scott
  5. This is friggin amazing. Anyone have a link to the LED's and controllers used here? Any estimate of total cost? Can't be cheap. Scott
  6. I am pretty much in line with others relative to quality/cost issue. It is pretty cheap to replace incandescent strands, quality of them is predictable, the financial risk small, etc. However as a couple others have mentioned another driving factor which I faced this year was I was maxed out on power as I wanted to expand my display. So my cost equation shifted to "is it cheaper to convert enough lights over to LED's or to expand my power service?" This is a bit more of a macro consideration. But, in the end I compromised. I am trying out some LED's on my roofline where I have power sucking static C9's and dialed back my expansion plans a bit. But, as I consider my 2010 plans I once again am going to have to make that decision. Do I trust LED's enough to spend the extra money for them? I am not sure yet. And as others have said the LED C9's just don't put out the light that an incandescent does --though they do have great color saturation. Scott
  7. Sorry for getting to this thread late. My display is up and running. Up to 160 channels this year from 80 last year. 13 songs, up from 11. 4,200 feet of extension cord, etc etc. 4403 Keldoon Ave Boise -- up in the Highlands area of north Boise. Runs 5:30-10:30 each night -- except tonight, all the rain tripped the GFI again and I don't want to get wet and muddy to reset it. Hopefully tomorrow. Happened once before and it is fixable. Videos of some of the songs are out on www.vimeo.com. Just search for "Tuthill Christmas". Hope to make it by and see some of the other in the valley. Scott
  8. I'm still waiting as well (I'm the one that started this thread over a month ago). I did hear from Travis on August 25 and he said everthing would ship in a couple of days. I have also sent him a couple other "do you have any status" notes and not heard anything. I really wanted to get the C9 stringers in to build my chasing marquee and run some tests with it before I started sequencing it -- see how fast to make the channel changes relative to what looks good. But I am now running out of time and have to start my sequencing to be done in time for Thanksgiving. This is not what I had hoped. Scott
  9. What is anyone hearing about their orders with LED Holiday Lighting? I placed an order for some C9 Stringers back on July 8th. I traded e-mail's with Travis about the order status and he said it was going to ship on July 20th. Since then I have sent him three e-mails and called him on the phone last Friday, August 21 and I have not gotten a reply. Anyone out there know what is up? Scott Tuthill
  10. Yes I used 3/4" Schedule 40 white PVC. Used 100 mini's per section. Lauderdale Christmas has some good notes and guidelines in this area. I highly recommend their site. Scott
  11. Couple questions here: Regarding the size of the arch I had a set space along the walk to the front of my house I wanted to fill with three arches. So that set the span for each arch. As for the length of PVC to use I started with the guidelines from Lauderdale Christmas and built a prototype without lights. It was too high for what I wanted so I cut it shorter to get a lower height for the same span. I really recommend building a prototype and see how it looks. PVC is pretty cheap. Regarding the segments per arch -- again Lauderdale Christmas has some recommendations on the length of each segment. I ended up going with 7 an odd number. This gives you a segment at the top of the arch. Others like even number of segments so there is a segment seam at the top. That way they can do a "clapping" kind of display. The choice is up to your creativity. Scott
  12. I thought about the twist by hand approach but figured my wrists and forearms would not take it. The actual amount of time to build my winding setup was less than an hour and to me worth the effort. As they say "your mileage may vary". If you made all 4 arches in 90 minutes that is very impressive. 4 arches X 8 segment x 4 solder splices each = 128 solder splices. Getting those alone done in 90 minutes is amazing not counting the winding of the 32 segments, etc. Well done I would say. Scott
  13. I started at the end near the drill and worked to the other end. I am not sure it makes any difference. Just make sure you leave space to manage the extension cord ends. The trick is to keep the extra length past the end of the lights as short as you can. You have to keep if wrapped up so it doesn't get caught in the PVC support. Originally I was going to run long extensions that could go all the way to the LOR box -- since this would save having to make an extension cord. Then I realized all that extra cord would get in the way as I turned the PVC. Have fun making your arches.
  14. I really didn't notice any effect from this "increasing diameter" effect. I pre-marked the PVC with lines where I wanted each section to end. Yes, by the time I got to the far end I was winding over 6 runs of SPT1. But, it really is not as much as you might think and I cannot tell any difference in the light spacing as a result. I would think that trying to run the SPT inside the PVC is going to be a lot of work for not much return. I would say -- just start winding and don't worry about winding over SPT as you go.
  15. I just completed building six 7 segment arches for this year
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