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  1. Hey everyone, original poster here... So, I think I figured out a possible solution and have a finished product that I wish to share with everyone for feedback. Next question is, how can I share my sequnce for everyone to see. Right now, I am strictly working in S5 and don’t have it associated with any actual light strings. How can I share the Preview with everyone? What I ended up doing was creating 3 groups. 1 group for Drums, 1 group for the Bass Guitar, and 1 group for the Lead/Rhythm Guitar. I mapped each instrument as best as I could by listening clo
  2. Hello Everyone, I posted this same question on the LOR forum so some of you may be seeing this twice. But, I am hoping to cast a wide net.... I am curious if anyone knows of a capability for either LOR Software or third party software that can "read" all of the frequencies of a given song and help with sequencing. Specifically, in my head, I envision having groups of lights tied together by the frequency of the music. For example, for the low pass bass (drums) I'll have one group of lights which flash to the beat of the drums. In another grouping, I'll have lights matchin
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