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  1. I am starting to put my General Foam order together, If anyone is interested in ordering from me, Please send me a message on what you would like. My mark up's are not high, and I will do my best to keep shipping down. Thanks Mark
  2. If I get a large enough order this year, I will be ordering from General Foam. My mark up is very minimal, only to cover shipping which is brutal. Let me know what you all want! Mark
  3. From looking at all my catalogs, the items that the first Grand Venture Made back in the late 90's, the snowman,the Santa with the Toy soldier in his bag and a few others seem to be the most recent designs. From the now defunct Union was the large Lollipops and big disks that said Merry Christmas, Reindeer Parking, Etc. From Empire/General Foam, the Modern nativity, (which I cant stand, no offense to the holy family), the 4 Elfs with packages, candy canes, santas work shop, and santas mail, the school and church, and the joy bears. From the others I am not sure, because I use to order direct from Union, and Empire, and now GF Mark
  4. nymark313

    Group Buy?

    The posting is gone. Mark
  5. I have the 2009 GF catalog and price sheets at home. The minimum order is $2000.00 Email the sales team at GF. I am sure they will help. [email protected] Mark
  6. Just picked this all up for $50.00, not bad huh? Nothing is broken either. I am keeping the carolers and the lamp post for sure, but dont know about the santa, snowman or deer. I already a couple of those santas and snowmen, I like the deer to but dont know if I will keep it. What do you all think? Mark
  7. I ordered several when i wanted to replace those silly looking doll head versions. They are 5.00 a piece from General Foam Mark
  8. Went to my local KMART, they had 4 of the new santas holding the blue present for 29.99, 4 penguins with the red and green scarf for 24.99 and 4 of the small snowmen, for 25.99. They also had 2 of the regular size nativitys..Not ever KMART has these though. The paint on the santas was almost perfect, I might go back to get one, Mark
  9. Wish we had a Menards here in the North East. Who makes the stable??? Anyone want to get one for me and ship it to Delaware?? Mark
  10. I am no longer on Long Island, I moved back to Delaware. I was just asking in general. I order from GF from time to time, havent in a while, but looking through their catalog, they make so much, but you see so little out there. Hick's was always expensive. They need to make money some how, considering General Foams minimum order is $2,000. mark
  11. I know Walmart sells some molds, along with Menards and Kmart, but who else sells GF molds? I got their catalog a couple of months ago, and with all the molds in there, who is buying this stuff? I never see the palace guardian anywhere, or the choir kids, the angels, and some of the santas and snowmen. I am just curious as to who carries these besides Bronners and SeasonsLA? Just curious.... NExt year, I will be ordering a large amount from GF. I just hope whoever bought the UNION molds, that those will come back too.. Mark
  12. If anyone can pick up some choir boys and girls for me, let me know!! I wont be able to make it there this year! THanks! Mark
  13. If you go to General Foam personally, can you buy blowmolds from the directly? I get there catalog every year, but havent ordered in a while.. Mark
  14. How many versions of the palace guardian soldier are there? I have several of the red hat ones with white pants from empire, and several of the black hat ones, with red coats, white pants/ yellow stripes and a yellow gun from Empire. I have the 2001 General Foam one with Black hat/red coat/white stripes/white pants and yellow gun, and now in the catalogs, he has a black hat, and is all red, except the gun which is yellow. Is this the way he is made now? Just curious Mark
  15. OK, so going back to my original post, its only GenFoam and Drainadge?? Does anyone have Draineges website? Thanks!
  16. How many makers of blowmold decorations are left? I know of General Foam (obviously) and Drainage Products. What ever happened to the new Grand Venture, and Farley? Who bought the Union tooling? Just curious. I order from General Foam, just wanted to know who else was out there. Mark
  17. I know of Seasons LA. http://www.seasonsla.homestead.com/entrance.html Mark
  18. Buy 2 new replacement heads from General Foam
  19. Plenty of room. I have about 400 other molds Mark
  20. Yeah my friend added the afro wig. I set them all up, I sold off the beco ones though. I added 4 TPI carolers, 14 more empire/GF carolers and 2 more polorons. I am looking for a few more of the Giant Empire ones though.. Mark
  21. Very Nice! How do you like mine? Since this pic was taken, I added about 20 more Empire, TPI, and Polorons! Mark
  22. So is GF gonna make any new molds this year? Or will it be the same as last. Wish they would come up with something new, or reissue an older Empire mold we havent seen in years...Like the Hobo Snowman, or the derby hat snowman. Mark
  23. You can never get close enough at night to see the house, there are 100;s of people there at all times. There is alot of electronic secuirty equipment set up
  24. The cars are parked in the street. It takes 3 months to do, about 7 or 8 people several hours a day, and weekends. Work starts the first weekend of September. Its all for the Schneiders Childrens Hospital in New York
  25. Here are more, enjoy.. Mark
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