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  1. Gang, that is my friends house in North Babylon NY. They do it every year to raise money for the Scneiders childrens hospital in NY. I do have just about all those decorations too in storage, till i buy a new house to display it all. Like my display, It takes 4 months to set up. I just did inventory on all my molds and fiberglass figures that i have..I have approx 625 blowmolds(and more to come when I order from GEN GOAM) and 20 Fiberglass Xmas Statues....I will get alot more pics on here, when TMOBILE decides to let my cell phone send them to my email! Also, there is a place in Brooklyn NY
  2. Here are some more catalog pics. 1986 Sears.. Mark
  3. I have several more catalog pages from different years that I will post. Carrie, I didnt get any more fiberglass choir people this year, but I have some pics of the current ones. This is only part of the display... Mark
  4. Thought you would like to see these old catalog Pages. Mark
  5. My latest buy, not bad for 20.00 for both! Mark
  6. Who and when was Holiday Innovations in business?
  7. nymark313

    For Sale

    I have one left before it goes to ebay. I had cases of these, and now not to have an odd number, i am deciding to sell... I have a 1994 Union Red Christmas doll with cord in cellophane bag. Slight wear. Best offer takes it. Let me know! Mark
  8. I will try to get a pic of them. they are the exact colors. mark
  9. Ok, we have these exact wisemen at my firehouse, I just found them tonight in the storage building, they say EMPIRE on them! We have the 3 wisemen and that shephard, buy a new Empire holy family. The shephard also says empire Mark
  10. I have seen these all over, and now I want a set, along with the 3rd not show. Can someone tell me who made these and when? Anyone have any better pictures of the entire nativity set? We have a set of these at my fire station too, but now I cant find them for markings. Thanks for your help Mark
  11. For a store their size, I am suprised they dont sell the entire GF line of Christmas products.
  12. Not bad, Here is half of mine What do you think?
  13. Carrie, my email address is [email protected] Thanks! Mark

  14. Very nicely done, thats what I want to do with mine. I guess alot of taping needs to be done or I will use the liguid mask. What type of stripper is good for plastic blow molds?
  15. Ok, I am going to restore a few of my Giant Poloron Choir Figures. I want to make them look as original as posisible. What Paint should I use for the red and gold? I am gonna keep the flesh color, and redo the hair for the blonde girl and brown hair boy. Any thoughts on colors and by what manufacturer, I would really appreciate. Thanks Mark
  16. Carrie, does Bronners still sell these? I want a few more of the giant 52" ones they made too, 4 are not enough for me...LOL Mark
  17. They are still being made! Here is a link....scroll to the bottom http://www.aachristmas.com/vpasp/1new_fiberglasssculptures.asp Mark
  18. Dont worry, the display I posted was only half of the yard, there is still another half on the way...............
  19. Does Krylon Fusion com in cans to use a brush or just spray cans? I have a few molds I want to restore. Thanks Mark
  20. Does anyone have pictures of the Original Poloron Mechanical Snowman and Santa they can post from like a catalog? Also looking for pictures from the same molds that were made by Empire in the early 90's but were not mechanical. Thanks Mark
  21. Saw an add in the sunday paper for this company making this santa face www.detailedjourney.com I am gonna order a few Mark
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