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  1. My Lowes has 8 of them, Dont like them too much though, Looking for the Minions instead.
  2. There is also a 42" Candle available at some Walmarts as well. I am sure they will all be online soon.
  3. Well whoever bought the rest of the molds, hopefully next year we will see someone pick them up. It will be interesting to see what Gemmy does this year for the Lowers stores....I have the candles and soldiers from last year..
  4. Who is this Kelly person who had the other molds? Would love to know the fate of whatever else was bought, and what the plans are, Holidays only a few months away...looking forward to see the quality of CADO. Plan on getting a few cases of the soldiers.
  5. Does anyone know who might of obtained the 30" Choir Boy and Girl Molds??? I was hoping Cado got them, but doesnt seem like it.
  6. Would love to see the Union Red Christmas Doll Come Back.. I wonder if the scrapper has the choir boy/girl mold? I hope they survive!
  7. Mel, I was talking about the smaller boy and girl choir singers. I was told by Empire when I was placing an order back in the day when I ordered from the direct, that the 48" choir molds were some of the ones destroyed in the flood/hurricane that happened. This would of been sometime in 1999-2000 time frame
  8. I would be interested in to knowing who got the Choir Boy and GIrl Molds.
  9. Lets hope someone picks up the Holiday blow molds besides metal scrappers...
  10. What are you talking about?
  11. The business will be auctioning off all of their mold making machines. So lets see who picks them up. They wont be cheap!
  12. Do you have a model number for the cord and plug and what suppliers have them???
  13. Yeah, I saw that they do, but if you get them direct from GFP, they are 6.00 each. I need about 12.
  14. Supposedly this Israeli based plastics manufacturing company called Starplast, is moving its overseas operations, here to the USA and have have been in talks with GFP. They will be based out of Houston Texas. Who knows what the fate of the molds from GFP are. Cant even get parts. I called the other and tried ordering the light cords, and some extra choir boy/girl heads and they stated they are not selling parts, because they need to fullfill any orders they have left
  15. Too Bad Bronners couldnt purchase the molds and remarket them...they got the space :-)
  16. They need to find a buyer, and allow people to direct order. I used to order direct from Union all the time in the 90's. Their requirement was a 200.00 Minimum only.
  17. As long as they buy holiday molds, I would be happy....
  18. I am sure a buyer will step in....CADO comes to mind......
  19. Lets hope someone comes in and buys the molds from GFP. I am sure CADO could do it. I think we should all start contacting CADO/Union Products to contact GFP so they can settle a deal :-)
  20. I have seen the African boy go for 600 one time on ebay!
  21. Doesnt Menards Ship now if ordered online?
  22. Andrew, are you taking orders for General Foam Items? I am interested in a few. Please contact me. Thanks! Mark
  23. Andrew, I am interested in ordering a few cases... Contact me. Mark
  24. I sold the mold craft and Noma ones, just concentrating on the Poloron and Empires now. If anyone has ANY LARGE Empire Girls or Boys, please inbox me. Thanks!
  25. Here is an older photo of some of my choir collection
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