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  1. I have seen the bill! Its Long Island.....One of the most expensive places to live. The property tax alone is about 9500.00 a year. Yes its North Babylon. Mark
  2. Many of the Xmas lights, were LED! Mark
  3. My Kmart only had 4 penguins and 2 of the blue gift Santa's left over from last year. I just might buy the whole lot. Mark
  4. No, it were people I knew. I dont know if the display is going to be put up this year. Things on Long Island are very difficult, (along with the rest of the country). I do know the electric bill was something like 10 grand for the month, and that was back in 2008. The display wasnt put up last year.
  5. It takes every weekend, starting the first weekend of September, and some weekdays to get it all done right before December 1st. Alot of molds are attached to piece of lumber, usualy 6 to 8 in a row, and then placed on the ground and anchored. It makes for easy and quick set up. There were about 6 people working on the display every weekend. Mark
  6. I wish they would find the 60" Choir Molds and make them again! 8 are not enough for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark
  7. Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The display was down last year due to financial difficulty. The cost for this was astronomical. I dont know about this year either. I do know where half the molds are however :-) We usually ordered directly from General Foam. Been out of touch for a while since I no longer live on Long Island. But I will see what I can find out. Mark
  8. When I go back this weekend, I will take a photo. There website says nothing about doing holiday decorations though. Just all the plastic toys they make. www.amloid.com Mark
  9. These are shipped with the glasses in a little bag, so you have to put them in yourself. You all need to calm down and quit jumping to conclusions. Push the tabs in, and everything is fine. Mark
  10. The new blowmolded plastic Halloween pails in my Local Supermarkets are no longer General Foam. They are made by a company in Mexico called Amloid. I wonder if this could be the start of more blow molds :-) Mark
  11. No, He nor this santa was in the catalog i received from GF this year. They might be special runs. Like the santa with blue present last year at KMART
  12. Half of the molds are mine :-)
  13. That choir display is my friends house on Long Island NY. I will post photos of the entire display. Sadly, the display was not put up last year, and , I am not sure about this year either due to financial hard times with electricity and the friends business slowing down. My choir display is about 80 of the kids, 12 poloron/Empire 60" choir people and a couple of the 6 foot fiberglass ones myself. I will post pics of the entire display. Mark
  14. I will take the church. Please contact me!
  15. I have all the same stuff, but it wasnt my display. I dont know if they will do it again...the costs were astronomical

  16. Where in Pa are you? I am in Northern Delaware. Is she still available?
  17. Empire Christmas blow mold Wreaths. Need 6 Choir Molds, Empire/Poloron Empire/General Foam Palace Guardians Empire/GF/Poloron Lamp Posts. Please message me. Thanks! Mark
  18. Can someone please post photos of the Red Lamp posts made by Empire/ or Poloron that say "Noel" on them? Thanks!!!!! Mark
  19. I have a few of these, I dont think they are worth more then 25.00, They go good next to the Empire snowman with pipe and coal for eyes and nose. Maybe the "New" Union with make them again. Mark
  20. What years were these made? Were they early 70's? I would like to get more of these. The ones that I see on Ebay though are usually cracked and broken. These would be a nice change, Right now I am using about a total of 50 Lamposts, mostly the Empire Red Ones, and about 20 of the Union Ones. Mark
  21. Found these today in a thrift store next door to my office. No cracks or breaks anywhere, no paint loss, just dusty. Not bad for 10.00 for the pair!! Mark
  22. If you need anything from General Foam, I will be ordering this year. I just got the catalog, and will be putting the pricing together soon. Mark
  23. Isnt the New Grand Venture producing molds again? I will be making an order with General Foam. If anyone needs anything, please email me. So far getting alot of requests for the Halloween Alien, Santa Train Tender Car, and other odds and ends. Mark
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