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  1. I am starting to put my General Foam order together, If anyone is interested in ordering from me, Please send me a message on what you would like. My mark up's are not high, and I will do my best to keep shipping down. Thanks Mark
  2. If I get a large enough order this year, I will be ordering from General Foam. My mark up is very minimal, only to cover shipping which is brutal. Let me know what you all want! Mark
  3. From looking at all my catalogs, the items that the first Grand Venture Made back in the late 90's, the snowman,the Santa with the Toy soldier in his bag and a few others seem to be the most recent designs. From the now defunct Union was the large Lollipops and big disks that said Merry Christmas, Reindeer Parking, Etc. From Empire/General Foam, the Modern nativity, (which I cant stand, no offense to the holy family), the 4 Elfs with packages, candy canes, santas work shop, and santas mail, the school and church, and the joy bears. From the others I am not sure, because I use to order direct from Union, and Empire, and now GF Mark
  4. nymark313

    Group Buy?

    The posting is gone. Mark
  5. I have the 2009 GF catalog and price sheets at home. The minimum order is $2000.00 Email the sales team at GF. I am sure they will help. [email protected] Mark
  6. Carrie, my email address is [email protected] Thanks! Mark

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