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  1. I like the pictures I have seen in the past few weeks of the Poloron Choir People being restored/repainted. I too have a few that need to be restored. What paint was used? What is the best paint to use for blowmolds? How about stripping off the old paint. Thanks Mark
  2. Found this about 20 minutes ago from a house 2 blocks over from mine in the trash, light cord and all. TPI Snowman, about 22inches High, cant find my tape measure. Mark
  3. I hope some of these companys will design some new molds. How bout some new choir molds?
  4. I hope some of these companys will design some new molds. How bout some new choir molds?
  5. Get me some unpainted choir molds, I will paint them like the originals with the red bottoms. Mark
  6. Does Drainadge have a website?? How many Xmas molds do they offer?
  7. How about 60 choir peeps?? Enjoy Mark
  8. Although its not mine, I have several in this version...from GF about 6 years ago. Now I want to get a few cases of the current ones GF is making with the red pants, and several of the red hat ones. Mark
  9. Yes, when I get a chance, i will post one.
  10. Check out this pic, front Row, I guess I answered my own question. Mark
  11. What color is the Palace Guardian this year? I have several with red uniforms and red hats, and several with black hats, red shirts, and white pants. Did they change it again this year to all red uniform and black hats? Thanks Mark
  12. 5, The AA girl too. I just remembered Mark
  13. How many versions did they make of the giant poloron choir people? I know of the blonde hair girl, brown hair boy, and the dark haired girl, what other versions are there? Mark
  14. My walmart had the family, and wisemen, along with the dancing santas, thats it. Not even the shephard.
  15. This is my latest buy. It is the yellow moon by Sunhill. This is one Christmas version, the other is Silouhettes of 3 snowmen. It measures 20" x 20" I need to touch up the black paint slightly. What kind of paint do you use on blowmolds? The moon is a bright yellow, and when lit, it really looks neat. Sorry that the pic isnt that great Thanks Mark
  16. I am suprised Bronners doesnt carry these. I thought they had everything!
  17. I dont know who makes them, but these are 2 places that sells them. http://www.creativedisplays.com/siteresources/modules/webstore/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=294 http://www.aachristmas.com/vpasp/1new_fiberglasssculptures.asp Hope this helps Mark
  18. The bottom ones sell for 277.00 and the ones on top are like 334 bucks each! They are fibgerglass, with lights behind the books, and you can turn the heads. They stand about 40 inches tall. Now if I could only find the Life size ones.. Mark
  19. Those choir peeps are still being made too! 334 dollars a pop though. Where is American Sale? Only in the midwest?
  20. Well, I think thats what I am going to do next year and just buy just about everything from General Foam. I guess a few more hundred blowmolds wont be bad. So far at 350. Besides GF, I will probably get a few from Drainadge and Farley, if they are gonna be around next year. Mark
  21. I was looking through the General Foam catalog this year. They make so many blowmolds, but who sells even some of them besides SeasonsLA? None of the stores here on Long Island, or my other home in Delaware carry hardly any of them anymore. Maybe 2 or 3 different ones, even Bronners doesnt carry the entire line.. If these items dont get out in the stores, I can see General Foamstart tocease production in some of them, even though it seems like they almost have a monopoly on the blow mold industry... Just my observations...
  22. They use to, but not anymore
  23. nymark313


    Did General Foam finally start making the Red Lamposts along with the Black one?
  24. I want more lollipops and what not from Union. Who bought the manufacturing molds? Farley?
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