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  1. Yes, this was a display of a fellow collector. I have about the same amount in storage right now. The giant candles and choir folks are actually Fiberglass molds. They use to be sold by Bronners and another company in Brooklyn/Queens. From what I understand, the display is no more.

  2. They use to be plentiful in NY, Long Island when we had Harrows and Frank's etc. Now they are hard to find....Delaware, NJ and Maryland. I think because GF's Minimum order is very high...not many smaller box stores are willing to spend that on blowmolds. ( I use to)

    Also, when inflatables hit the market, it was down hill for the blowmols. I remember Lowes use to be a huge seller of Empire/General Foam! Not anymore....I think if GF lowered there minimum order price which is 2000.00, not including shipping costs, they would sell more and you would find them in more stores.


  3. Drove past my Kmart today, and in the garden area window, they have 4 chilly willy penguins, 4 santa's with blue gift, 4 smaller snowmen, Noel Candles and a few other items i couldnt see. I will get there this week and see what else and snap a photo.

    Not a bad choice considering last year they just had the santa.


  4. After looking at all these posts for this year's Menards line up, where are these stores? My friend in Michigan stated her Menards wont be set up for Christmas Decorations until next month. Is every store different?


  5. Nyankeedodge,

    The house in Lindenhurst no longer does the display. I have that house and many others on video tape from a series put out a long time ago called Christmas Lights. It traveled (mostly Long Island and NYC) to all the homes that do extravagant Xmas Displays.


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