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  1. What color is the Palace Guardian this year? I have several with red uniforms and red hats, and several with black hats, red shirts, and white pants. Did they change it again this year to all red uniform and black hats?



  2. This is my latest buy. It is the yellow moon by Sunhill. This is one Christmas version, the other is Silouhettes of 3 snowmen. It measures 20" x 20"

    I need to touch up the black paint slightly. What kind of paint do you use on blowmolds? The moon is a bright yellow, and when lit, it really looks neat. Sorry that the pic isnt that great



  3. Well, I think thats what I am going to do next year and just buy just about everything from General Foam. I guess a few more hundred blowmolds wont be bad. So far at 350.

    Besides GF, I will probably get a few from Drainadge and Farley, if they are gonna be around next year.


  4. I was looking through the General Foam catalog this year. They make so many blowmolds, but who sells even some of them besides SeasonsLA?

    None of the stores here on Long Island, or my other home in Delaware carry hardly any of them anymore. Maybe 2 or 3 different ones, even Bronners doesnt carry the entire line..

    If these items dont get out in the stores, I can see General Foamstart tocease production in some of them, even though it seems like they almost have a monopoly on the blow mold industry...

    Just my observations...

  5. Well its about time there is a store like that, Too bad its in Florida, most stores in NY are inflatables only now, accept for one. which carrys Everything!

    Next year I am ordering direct from GF and Farley, my prices will be very competitive

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