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  1. People will decry Facebook, and working in tech, I have a deep dislike for it. That said, I have a Facebook account - and only for the blow mold groups. It is unfortunate, but people have migrated to Facebook as a platform (and altogether as a different medium compared to traditional forums) and likely won't be coming back. PlanetChristmas should meet people where they are. In the context of information preservation: Facebook is an ethereal medium - information posted is information lost. Its group search feature is one of the worst across social platforms. As you said, PlanetChristmas' current value is in the information posted here for over a decade that has been crawled by search engines. However, moving PlanetChristmas to Facebook could be made non-destructive by mirroring its complete contents to archive.org (the Internet Archive Foundation). Moving the forums to a mirrored, read-only mode allows you to build a new community on an active platform and still being able to reference, link, share and preserve decades of knowledge. I'm the current developer for blow-molded.com and I'm happy to help with technical topics wherever possible. A complete mirror of PlanetChristmas onto both archive.org as well as an alternative option (available as a downloadable zip? an additional read-only mirror?) strikes a balance between complete preservation as well as unhindered, new growth.
  2. If you have some, or know someone who does, I would absolutely be welcome to adding them to the site. https://blow-molded.com/contribute gives you a quick guide for submitting photos.
  3. Hi Donna, The "Ghoul" cast on the site is likely resin, and possibly somewhat hollow, but being upwards of 50lbs it is at minimum heavy. Depending on the manufacturer's process, a cast could be either used to create a negative mold (the inverted form) out of something such as cast aluminum, or to test a machined (think carved) negative mold that would later by used during the blow-molded process. Either way, casts were commonly a one-time part of the initial creation process of a new design. It is possible for some manufacturers to have then painted and re-used the resin casts, but that is difficult to confirm without physical access to the piece. The site is a bit loose with its use of "prototype" since many of the pictures are better described as samples. It is something I wish to refine in the future. Given the cast serves a different purpose and is made of a different material (not blow-molded), it gets its own special page.
  4. We're definitely happy to accept photos of boxes and labels (or anything really). Toys are a potential future addition, so you're welcome to send them in, but I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to sit down and catalog them.
  5. Hello fellow Nebraskan. I'm digesting some of your points, but I wanted to get some clarification first. You mentioned "scrolling down [...] one by one" and wanting to see things in a grid format. The website should still be showing up as a grid just like it did previously. I've attached screenshots (new and old site) - are you seeing something different? Are you using a phone or computer?
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