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  1. I had vandels hit my home a few years back. Don't let it get you down. Talk with your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye out during the holidays
  2. Don't forget about the stay at home dads. I work 24 hours and Im home for 48 and it's hard for us too.
  3. I bought a Kill-o-watt meter last year and I love it. It looks like it does the same kind of thing.
  4. Welcome to planet christmas Mary, I too love the book. I have passed it around to friends!!
  5. speedn23

    hi new here

    welcome, this site is addicting
  6. speedn23

    led question

    I am looking to put up c-7 led lights this year. I would like to put up a green then red repeating pattern. The problem is I can only find full strings with lights that can't be replaced. I see that they have replaceable led bulbs but they are around $50 for 25. I was hoping to buy the full stings and make my own . Lowes had them for about $10 a string. any ideas or suggestions?
  7. We do this on my street. There are 22 houses on the block. I have been told that it started with a few and now 10 years later all the houses decorate. This year we will be featured in Mary Edsey's book Best Christmas Displays in the Chicagoland Area.
  8. I usually start putting the lights on the roof the week before halloween. Its a lot more fun putting them up in a tee shirt
  9. Thanks!! we will have to meet outside during christmas
  10. Rich Stumbaugh, 31 South Elgin, Illinois. We have about 20,000 lights and a few blowups and wire frames. Last year was the first year of mr christmas and a mega tree. I live on a street where all 22 houses light up. We even have santa that comes out at night with candycanes for all the cars.
  11. I purchaed mine from Menards. They were a little cheaper ( around $3.00 a piece)
  12. I live on a street where all 22 houses on the street light up. Santa is out handing out candyCanes on the weekends. I love living on this street. We usually have an average of 40 plus cars drive by each day during the week and even more on weekends. People park on the side street and will walk the street. We will be in Mary Edsey's book titled " best christmas displays in the Chicagoland area" being published next year.
  13. Does anyone know if christmas lights use more power the colder it gets?
  14. I agree with peggy, didn't we already have a mr christmas bashing post.What happened to putting up lights for fun. Why does it have to be a competition? Cjc2k how do you know your neighbors don't feel the same as you do with your " professional lights" flashing like a discountstore ad.To each their own.enjoy the season !!!!
  15. bertnc, I am building a tree about your size and I am using a similar size bun. It seems to be working for me so far
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