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  1. We also have 1 ramsey transmitter, 1 LOR light linker, and alot of blowmolds, inflatables, and incandescent minis. We are selling the LOR's at half what we paid for them. Please call doug at 310-614-4563 if you are interested. We were unable to sell them locally so we are happy to ship them. Thanks.
  2. Sorry Brad, if there's anything specific somebody is looking for - you can pm me and I'll see if I have any. I know what it's like to just need that one more matching candy cane blow mold so you'll have 32 for your runs in your sequence...or stuff like that. Best, Susy
  3. Sorry - forgot to add - lots and lots of inflatables too!
  4. Hi guys - I have failed in my quest to inventory all the stuff and get a price list together. It's just too much stuff. We are just going to have a massive Halloween/Christmas Decorations sale this saturday. We have trees, wreaths, lights, arches, mini trees, 4 LOR's, Ramsey FM transmitter, light linker, miles of extensions cords, christmas done bright animated displays, you name it and I bet we have some. If any PC members want an early peek - you can come by Friday before the sale if you want. The sale is Saturday, October 10 8am - 12noon 1571 North Bundy Drive LA, CA 90
  5. SO sorry for the long delay - I had no idea how hard it would be to inventory everything! Here is the first batch off the top - PM me an offer if you are interested. LOR 160 2W model 3 120 vac 60 Hz. 2x15A (4) boxes Ramsey Digital FM Sterieo Transmitter 87.9 MHz to 108.1 MHz Ramseykits.com LOR Light Linker Wireless Module 4 Green Linking Cables apprx 75ft Miles and miles of extension cords Thanks again, Susy
  6. That's an interesting thought Doug - thanks for sharing. My soon to be ex is TOTALLY into the decorating - it was one of our shared passions - which is why we have so much stuff!
  7. Thanks for your kind reply. I'm not stopping because it's easier not to - i just won't have anybody to hang the lights without hubby. I was thinking that whenever I start dating again - (years from now! not anytime soon) that I'd like to find someone kind and funny - and good at hanging xmas lights! ) Susy
  8. Should have also mentioned that (obviously) - I have over 200 extension cords in every length, FM transmitter, mini trees - basically everything that goes with an LOR setup. Also, ten five foot outdoor xmas trees with lights Thanks, Susy
  9. Hi guys - Haven't been on the site for awhile but I am selling everything and wanted to give anyone local near Los Angeles the first crack before I start listing stuff online. I have 4 16ch LOR's, 60,000 Halloween incandescent minis, 100,000 xmas incand. minis, alot of wire frames from christmas done bright, over 200 radko ornaments, Hallowindow, inflatables - it's five door to door storage boxes full. This week I will be itemizing more specifically what's for sale but if anyone is looking for something specific - let me know. I am sad to break up my collection and I'd rather have
  10. Wow! Thanks Terry - thanks so much! Best, Susy
  11. There used to be some threads on how to make different signs - I've been searching and searching and I can't find anything in here! I need a light up sign that will tell people our radio station number for Halloween. Thanks! Susy
  12. In the FAQ on the website, it said that the reversed image comes already on the DVD - is that not true? And can anybody comment on what time of projector they are using? I need to get one. Thanks, Susy
  13. We have some xmas stuff we didn't use last year and are not going to use this year, so hubby doesn't want to keep storing them. A few flat wireframes: Santa, two reindeer, a snowman, and some 3-d wireframes: a sleigh, some lamp posts. Totally free to anybody on PC that wants to pick them up where we live near Santa Monica. Send me a PM if you are interested. Best, Susy
  14. I just ordered the DVD - so excited to add it to the display! Have any of the rest of you already used it? Would love to hear about your setup and any tips you might have. Thanks, Susy
  15. Daren and Randy - Thanks for writing back! I found 100 ct minis at Lowe's - purple only, no orange -- they do have all the other xmas colors including gold. I also bought some cool c7 and c9 clear (not opaque) at Stats - they had orange but no purple, and also all the xmas colors, and some fun strands that are all red white and blue - never seen those before. Off topic, Stats did their halloween room this year with ALL GREEN minis and some black lights bars hidden here and there - the effect is SO COOL - like a midnight graveyard. No luck finding orange net lights anywhere - not
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