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  1. I am using dielectric grease on all of my connections, all of my connections are off of the ground, and I still pop a GFI when it's wet. Sometimes from one outlet and sometimes from the other. So the grease may help but it has not prevented me from having issues.
  2. We have been awarded a Beautification Holiday Edition Award from a local community group .Someone entered us in the competition without us knowing and we are grateful. We have hit the big time! Our picture is going to be in our local newspapers. Yes we have two papers and they both come out weekly and have basically the same stuff in both. It's that type of area. This is our first year doing this. 32 channel LOR with all LED. The PC community has been very helpful and I thank you all for taking time to help us that are new to all of this. If you responded to one of my questions or answered someone else's question you have helped. I have gotten all sorts of ideas and advice on what to do and not to do. So again we thank you. Not a real good pic but you get the idea.
  3. I was hoping it was some songs that I already have and could share with you. I do not have either of these songs. Sorry
  4. What songs? How is your lights laid out? What kind of lights?
  5. I am new to the Christmas display community and have used PC as a place to learn new stuff each week. A friend sent me some links to some Facebook groups as that is what he frequently uses for ideas and support. So I joined up and did some scrolling through a couple of these groups. I actually posed one question hoping for some suggestions. The responses I got ranged from nasty language to disrespect. I had one helpful suggestion. I will spend my time here from now on. I realize there may be some humor, rolling eyes, or whatever when I post on here but this place has been really helpful to me as a rookie. Just thought I would share. Merry Christmas Planet Christmas peeps!
  6. First year with lights...and I am done. Out of time and out of money. An early Tennessee snow
  7. Thanks MrMatt. I will have to study this. As it stands right now I think I would have better luck at performing brain surgery on myself...man that's a bunch of info. But hey, I guess I will just start and get it done. Thanks again!
  8. I'm sure yall are getting tired of me but I am trying to learn and I have searched and not found the answer to my question. I have just started sequencing myself and I also have purchased some sequences that I can modify. In my purchased sequences they have made some pretty cool effects with my mega tree. Is it possible to copy and paste out of one sequence and put it in another? My fear is I will screw something up and mess up these "professional" sequences so I don't want to mess with them until I know how. Thanks
  9. First year ....have a 20 ft mega with 16 strands. It is well anchored with concrete. Telescoping flag pole. The forecast for tomorrow is wind gusts of 40 mph. Should I lower the pole to prevent damage to the lights or will that just cause a big tangled mess? I do not fear the pole itself in the wind. Just the light strands.
  10. Well I just did my first sequencing! I am fired up. It doesn't look horrible either. I am going to become a sequencing maniac now lol. Children Go by Ricky Skaggs. I got Ol' Santa singing bluegrass. Thanks for your help MrMatt. Crazy Christmas Guy vids helped me a lot.
  11. Thanks for the reply....Well i just bought this recently so does that mean S5? I don't know what I have. But I have figured out how to get the sequences I have bought to play but I have spent a fortune on sequences this year and would like to put my own touch on some music I already own.
  12. I have looked at youtube for some instructions on how to but is there a particular one that I should start with? Seems to be several to choose from. I keep getting more confused the more I watch.
  13. Where could I purchase some bluegrass music sequences? I have Santa Train by Patty Loveless and Dueling Jingle Bells from the US navy band purchased from Light o Rama. I have checked WOW Lights for this genre but haven't found much. Sunday are going to be Bluegrass Sundays lol
  14. I am no where near an electrician but I have some questions for people who are experienced with LOR set ups. I am running 32 channels with one plugged to an outlet that has a 15 amp breaker. It currently has 16 strings 100 bulb LED (Mega Tree), a 5w LED spotlight, and a 10 w spot. .The other LOR is on a 20AMP outlet with 16 strings 100 bulbs, an LED santa face, 2 LED wreaths with over 200 lights on them, a 4 w projector, and 4 5w spots. How many more strings could I add and not worry with the GFI or breakers tripping?
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