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  1. We have them in our town, they put them up every year
  2. Does it turn yellow after it's been on for a long time?
  3. Did a search to see if this has been discussed and couldn't find one. Wasn't even sure what topic to post under. One of the problems I have had is sun damage, both in paint fade and the Plastic getting Brittle and Cracking. Another member said he used clear uv spray and I was wandering if anyone else had experience with this? I did find some info on the net about it, but was curious about first hand experience. So please elaborate.
  4. Just found a post from Scott Rob He said he use a clear UV spray. I'm going to check into it.
  5. Clear UV spray, Never heard or thought about that. Great idea! I'll check into it.
  6. Purchased 3 more blow molds at a Antique / flea market Store. All three in good shape. All three has paint loss. The bear has screw holes in top of his head,( had a cup hook in it) and some "L" clamps at the bottom. All three for $125.00 total incl. tax.
  7. Sorry to hear that. The one Draw back to Blow Mold is the Sun. The sun makes the plastic brittle and can get as bad as breaking by just handling them. Over the last two years I've had at least 7 candy canes to break and had to be thrown away. These candy canes were bought used from e-bay so I really don't know what kind of life they had.
  8. Bad experience with Walmart: On October 29, 2020, I went to Walmart store #100 at Bentonville, Arkansas. After Calling the night before and talking with the service desk. I was told they only had one. I asked about it and was told they would keep it at the service desk for me. I told them I would be there in the morning to pick it up. So I got up drove over 100 miles / 2 hours in the rain through the mountains got there and waited in the parking lot for 30 minutes for them to open. Went the service desk and she brought out a wire tree. I gave this employee the same part number and description
  9. Doneal

    Street light

    Not sure about the different states, but when I worked for the city, if a customer requested a " dark sky" light the municipal HAD to supply it. Okay the question is what is a dark sky light? Well it's a street light that the light is focused directly down. Now this cuts out a lot of light and In my opinion defeats the purpose of the St. Light. One poster had the best suggestion, and it was to ask the Municipal to just disconnect it for the holiday. Disconnection is easy all they have to do is to un plug the (eye) PE cell .
  10. This may be the last I do this year. I added two new pieces the Tree and the Grinch. Last year I had my driveway lined with candy canes, but time has taken a toll on them. I purchased a lot of my blow molds from e-bay used and all have held up fine. The Candy canes became brittle and cracked so they are history.
  11. I was just reading through some old post, so you may have an answer for this post already. LED bulbs have a bit of a different description. An Example a 100 watt incandescent is a lot brighter than a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Now the LED's you need to read the "K" factor. the higher the " K" the more white the light is, The lower the K the more orange it is. Okay, with that being said and since it is inside a blow mold, I have noticed that the high 5000/6000 K works the best. Hope this helps
  12. Put the candy canes out, This may be the last year for some of them, there getting brittle and have cracks. I purchased these used from e-bay a few years ago, so not complaining Had to take two pictures to get all 6 pieces.
  13. Worked on the front entrance five more blow mold pieces, also worked on the driveway, I'll put it in another post. We have been having real nice weather to be working outside.
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