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  1. If your asking about the one at Lowes, well they are selling as fast as they get them in. Only some of the Lowes stores has them and they don't have them on the Lowes On Line web site. Scalpers are buying them up for re sale at 2 to 4 times the original price. The same goes for the Gift/present blow mold stack. Both of these are in high demand.
  2. Last year I added Patriotic candles they were custom repaint repurpose. This year I’ve decided to add a patriotic snowman, but once again they are hard to find and when I did find one, I didn’t want to pay what was being asked. So I decided to do a Custom Repaint / re purpose a regular blow mold snowman. I think he turned out good, I think he looks better than the picture shows. I will include last year picture of where he will be displayed. LOL I may have to re arrange them. The project when fairly well, biggest problem was the paint removal. I've removed paint from blow molds before, but never had this much trouble. the picture is after about 11 attempts. As you can see I still didn't get it all off. There is a Santa Face in the background that I just got, and one of the previous owners had re painted it with a brush. I was able to strip it all the way down in one application.
  3. Not a blow mold, Pumpkin repurpose. Wanted a “lighted” pumpkin that didn’t have a Halloween face for Thanksgiving display. Found a plastic Pumpkin full of candy at Target. So I’m going to remove the candy and re-purpose it. I will make a hole in the bottom for a c-7 lamp socket. LOL this thing has a recess in the bottom that looks like it was made for it. I’ll post more picture once I get started on it. Completed this project: Here is the pictures of the results. I already had the c-7 lamp socket and the hole was easy to make. It really lights up good! The picture doesn’t show very good. I may take another picture tonight just to see if it shows better. Hey for $ 20.00 you get a blow mold decoration and get a bag of candy
  4. https://www.blow-molded.com/ This is the one ins't it?
  5. If you have a e12 base I would assume it was "c7" type bulb. I've used 6000K Daylight White 200LM, E12 Candelabra Base Lamp C7. I think I've seen the 6500k, not sure. I will say the 6000 k is very bright. I've switch all my blow molds over to LED and use the higher "K" for the more darker/collared ones. Anyway it's the same size as regular filament c7 bulbs.
  6. There is a file on face book Blow Mold Nation. once your on the FB page select "File" There is a list of several documents to choose from. I have not tried any of the suggestions, so I cant vouch for them. I had a hole in one of my blow molds, about the same as what is in the picture. It was on the bottom and back. I used clear all silicone caulk. about 4 years ago and it's still holding just fine.
  7. The toy soldiers, I purchased used from e-bay a long time ago, Yes, they were red when I got them. and Yes, I did re paint them to the way they were when I got them. Usually I try to re-paint back to the original colors, but I did re-paint some candles and changed them from the original due to I wanted a parotic theme.
  8. Thanks Scott, I did order 5 of these candy canes. They were packed 2 per box. If I knew that I would have ordered 6. Anyway, I don't know what to tell you about the Shipping. I didn't pay that much. My Shipping was real fair. I paid $16.84 for the entire order of five. $29.99 ea. They have marked them down by $10.00
  9. you might try this link, I have another, just a name Kathy, I will have to look for it. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.blowmoldstore.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0cIYt5P1vHvndc7bo-XHzMkwUOKIJj_yITfCDE-3SK2JGNvoYAkwe2Wjg&h=AT1fRNY0KdDOM7GGoookRHVLRrzb0rzTHTgSaRqOn9CYZjTk6kWS-34oXWHU282YrekaiktHR9nz6BeOgcPUJj9sDkbj7f_VNHAmfg5vaskKN8I732g1XbwoSXxVJWBuOA9KYA https://www.gnk-collectibles.com/
  10. Looks Great, What did you use? Do you have a lighted picture?
  11. This looks close: Holiday innovations forgot to add the link / web page that I use http://www.blow-molded.com/
  12. This is what I wanted to use for my Patriotic display, but could find any and when I did they were way to costly for me. So I purchased these: Then I painted them using my airbrush and transparent paint: here is what they look like now:
  13. Sounds like your talking about storing them under the deck? I think I would use one of those blue tarps instead of plastic. Not sure how hot it gets under the deck, but it's bound to be cooler than an attic? The UV rays does a lot of damage to plastic so covering them should work.
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