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  1. Marilyn Caron, known as nanac1 on PC, passed away on July 28, 2020. I know that many of you knew her and of her passion for Christmas That passion remained with her up until the time of her death. Although after becoming blind in 2012 and incapable of doing the display herself, she always pushed me to get it done. I did the best I could, but it was never the same after she became unable to do it herself. She still did the inside display with my help, but she was not able to work but for about 15 minutes at a time without having to sit and take a rest. I am going to do a display this year in h
  2. Dale, That is Tim Mann Creative Impact Graphics Tim Mann 42315 Kingsmill Circle Elizabeth, CO 80107 Phone: 303-929-7646 Email:[email protected] Website: www.mydoordecor.com Marilyn
  3. nanac1

    Thank You

    Mira, I want to publically thank you for making sure the vendors were taken care of. I really appreciate it and so did they. Thanks again, I really do appreciate it. Marilyn
  4. Mark I am with you on this one. Although I love all the visitors we get and have gotten over the 27 years of doing our display (this will be number 28) I would do it if we lived so far out in the wilderness that no one else saw it but me and my family. It is my passion, my husband says it's an obsession and maybe he's right. Wouldn't have it any other way. The idea of not having a display is so foreign to me, it's unthinkable. My son, who lives in Tennessee called the other night and said I should take a rest and go there for the holidays. When I told my husband, his answer was " You d
  5. Each vendor will make that decision for themselves. I can tell you at previous events vendors took credit/debit, check or cash. Marilyn
  6. Since the very beginning of my display in this home (1984) I have made very rough sketches of where I plan to put everything with major pieces labeled. I do this by themed area as I divide my display area before hand with spray paint to get a good idea of what I can physically get in that particular area. I have a three ring binder with all of those sketches thru out the years and pictures, newspaper articles, etc. for each and every year. I don't do this to make sure I get it set up the same way, I do it to PREVENT that. My display layout changes every year, with the exception of the arch
  7. I'm with Mel om this one. Tried adding items to my cart and everything I tried was out of stock. Marilyn
  8. Plus is scheduled in the June-July timeframes because that's when children are not in school so the attendees can make this a family vacation and not have to worry about schools being in session.
  9. I have several of these wireframes and love them. I have two six foot tall nutcrackers, a Mickey Mouse riding a reindeer, Mickey delivering presents, Minnie, two Pluto frames, a candle, a merry Christmas, a wreath, a double reindeer that is motorized, a caroler, in addition, I have three sets of the Santa faces, two sets of the string of stars, two sets of the string of bells and miscellaneous smaller frames. These are very good quality frames but a real pain to fix if they have light problems. I have taken all the mini lights and plastic gel off of mine and replaced it with rope light.
  10. I have two of the Chauvet SMX-150 machines and they are great. Not had a problem with them at all. Highly recommend them. They are a big hit in the display and put out a lot of "Snow" Marilyn
  11. Valerie is Christmas-LEDs.com. Sorry about that. Marilyn
  12. Valerie has both incandescent and LED rope light, used both no problems. Action also has both, haven't ued their LED but no problems with the incandescent. I haven't had problems with the incandescent rope light from the ebay vendor but their LED ropelight only lasted a season and a half. I won't purchase LED rope light from them, even if it's cheaper. CDI has excellent pricing on their LED rope light during his pre order. Bottom line for me, Valerie, Action and CDI will be getting my business. Marilyn
  13. I have over 2000 feet of rope light in my display, some incandescent, some LED, from several vendors. Have had no trouble with any except the incandescent from Walmart. Have the same trouble with Walmart 20 count incandescent and Walmart LED's These don't even last one full season, so have stopped even buying in the after Christmas sales for lights at Walmart. Just not worth the trouble. Truth is, you get what you pay for, at least in this instance.
  14. Thanks gang. She has been pulling the load at home and at work pretty much all year. Her husband has barely been able to work at all with the heart attacks and now the broken back. The store she worked at did really well during the holiday season, so it was a total shock when they let her go. Now there only income is workmen's comp and AFLAC so I seriously doubt they could afford COBRA if they could get it. The company has already told her they will fight any unemployment claim and added that they have never in their history paid one. She has applied and at least that looks promising. S
  15. I have never done this before but she really needs all the prayers she can get right now. We were hoping that 2011 would be a better year than 2010. In 2010, her husband had three heart attacks, one in January, one on April 15 and one on May 28. He has previously had two other heart attacks. Her oldes son has been battling throat infections etc his whole life. The doctor's finally agreed to take his tonsils out on 28 May, yes the same day her husband had a heart attack. Her son is 20 and a tonsillectomy is always harder on the patient the older they are. At any rate, a week after the
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