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  1. Nice display! How do you secure your molds to the ground? We always seem to get a fair amount of wind here that moves things around. Brian
  2. Cut just after middle blob. the first 35 will be full wave and the second 35 will be half wave. I do it all the time when I need shorter strings. Side by side there really isn't a discernible difference in the appearance of the two. Thank's Bill. That was the answer I was hoping for. Brian
  3. Can I cut a string of LEDs in half without adding resistors? They are 70 count from CDI and have the large plastic "joint" in the middle and another on one end. Brian
  4. I have a 12' tree that I will be retiring after this season due to an anticipated move. Pre-lit with white incandescent lights and breaks down into 5 sections. There is one section of lights that aren't working this year, but I'm fairly certain the issue is just bad bulbs as they all worked last year. I just didn't take the time to look at them after setup. Brian
  5. We had a pretty good turn out. 10 to 15 If I recall correctly. I would certainly like to have another one or two somewhere in the state next year. There is so much knowledge to share, it makes life a little easier when someone has already been there and done that. I would be up for hosting another, but would certainly drive somewhere if it would get more folks involved. Brian Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. If you don't mind sharing, I would love to see your version. Thanks, Brian Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. Looking for "Calling All the Monsters" and "I've Got My Scream On" sequences if anyone is willing to share. These are from Disney Channel's A.N.T. Farm and sung by China McClain. Thanks, Brian
  8. Below are a few links to convert a NOMA controller liked used on the chasing lights set for use on other items like a Santa waving his hand. Due the power draw you will have to be careful if not using a relay switch. I was able to use one a few years ago to make a spiralling tree with LED lights and not overheat the controller too badly. The last link shows how to build a 6 channel relay switch from a 6 outlet power strip. http://www.kindlachristmas.com/HTChaserLight.asp http://computerchristmas.com/index.php?link=how_to&HowToId=50&FullSize=true&LowLimit=0&StepId=1
  9. Greetings everyone. I hope everyone is still planning on coming to the CO Mini at my home located at 10741 San Juan Court, Parker, CO 80138 this Saturday. Here is a suggested schedule: 900 am - meet and greet 1000 am - Creating a sequence with Vixen by Tim Thompson 1130 am - lunch (order pizza?) 1200 pm - DMX & Pixelnet Universes with Gary 130 pm - Nutcracker with Sean Meighan 300 pm - show off (bring anything you want show off or demo for others) 400 pm - trade show (bring your unwanted items to sell or trade) I will have a couple of laptops for us to use, at least one proje
  10. Just another bump as the time is drawing near. I have heard from about 15 people so far, with the farthest being in Nebraska. We would love to have anyone and hope to have several things to offer. So far we will have a sequencing session with Vixen, a discussion on setting up a DMX and / or Pixelnet universe, a presentation on the Nutcraker software, a time for showing off if you want to bring an item to setup, and a trade show to get rid of all those lights and stuff you aren't using. We plan on starting about 0930 in Parker, CO. PM or email for more details, Brian [email protected]
  11. Bumping this up as I have heard from several that want to come, but only one has mentioned a topic of interest. Brian
  12. Just a heads up to everyone, the 2012 Colorado Christmas Get Together with be held May 5 in the Denver metro. Any and all are welcome to a fun filled day. I am still working on the schedule and topics, but please let me know if you have any request or if you want to present something to the group. More details to follow. Brian
  13. Just a heads up to everyone, the 2012 Colorado Christmas Get Together with be held May 5 in the Denver metro. Any and all are welcome to a fun filled day. I am still working on the schedule and topics, but please let me know if you have any request or if you want to present something to the group. More details to follow. Brian
  14. I can't find the link right now and will keep looking, but I have seen one similar in size and shape to the brick clip that slid up under the top piece of vinyl siding and hooked somehow underneath. Something like a S hook made of flat metal. Would also like to see what you come up with. Brian
  15. Can't wait to see the tune in sign. I need something much bigger and brighter next year. Brian
  16. Thanks for the replies, I will work on it the next few weeks as time allows and see what I can come up with. I sent an email to the company to see if they had something. For 5.00, I probably order one and try to copy it with what I have. The description and part number lead me to believe they are in fact net lights and a close count of the sockets looks to be greater than 20. I would assume a typical 25 count like on a typical c7 or c9 stringer. Brian
  17. I would spend some time over at DIYLightAnimation.com as well. RJ designs and builds the Lynx brand of controllers which is all DIY, but perhaps you could have someone build it for you it that is an issue. He has worked with Ray Wu on his smart strings which will run 128 pixels max at 3" spacing per controller at 5v and is run off of a cat5 cable for both power and data. His pixels are individually and / or string addressable, but you may be able to use your strings instead. It is DMX, but you can still run and sequence from within LOR software. I am just starting in the DMX and RGB world,
  18. Does anyone here have a picture of c7 net lights to share? I am retiring my mini incandescant nets due to age and fading and looking for something to replace them with. I thought using c7s would add a little depth and character to my display which is almost entirely mini lights. They would be used on ground level shrubs. This website has some listed on clearance http://www.allthings...ts-_p_4362.html, but I also have acquired some c7 stringers and thought I could try making my own. Any pictures or even dimensions of the grid would help me get started. Thanks in advance, Brian
  19. I am new to the world of DMX, but those look similar to other RGB LEDs that I have seen others using. LOR can send DMX commands, you would just need to mix the RGB to get a white color or any other color for that matter. Brian
  20. You didn't say if this was a dedicated laptop or not. Mine is dedicated and sits in the garage next to the first controller. Haven't had a problem with the cold yet and it has been down to -20F. You could always set in a box with a couple of c9 bulbs for heat if you were concerned. Brian
  21. Home Depot has them too. At least the one in Parker, CO does.
  22. Please direct us to one of those places, I would like to know how to do that with my newly acquired soldering skills. Thanks for sharing, Brian
  23. Replied to your PM, but wanted to say I'll be at the game too. I am part of the fire department honor guard presenting the colors at the game. I be the one in the red fire helmet : )
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