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    A Christmas Story, remember the nostalgia of the time.
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    Make my home in Minnesota.
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    My display is a mixture of blow molds, homemade props, with all LED's and synchronized to music. Show controlled with a Raspberry Pi and Renard controllers, using Vixen & Falcon Player.

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  1. I realize this post was made over a year but I haven't used twinkly lights yet. I'm planning on getting enough for my roof line and the Music Dongle to sync up the lights to my light show.
  2. Vixen has a Text Converter that seems to work decently...
  3. Are you using XLights or Vixen to setup sequence?
  4. Very nice... I have two just like em that needs to be repainted....
  5. Congratulations....
  6. Let me know how the goes when you get it all put together. I've been using the same Pi for 4 years now and plan to add a couple more as remotes for this year.
  7. Creative Display has some pretty cool things that are plug & play. https://www.creativedisplays.com/products/rgb-leaping-arches
  8. How do you plan to display the video? What do you plan to use for a computer? When I started, I purchased used Renard 64 controller and setup a Raspberry Pi 3 to run the show. Then started working on props and collecting blow molds. I definitely planned much more than I was able to accomplish that first year and that was okay. Since then I've been adding new props every year and added a few more Reanrds.
  9. Are you going to build your controllers or do you have them already?
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