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  1. Try using a high powered video projector to project the river effect onto the street. You can then make it look like whatever you want. Flowwing water, fish swimming in it. You could even have a deer walk u pand take a drink. Here's a link of an incredible projector mapping display on a building. http://vimeo.com/18825264
  2. gbuckme2- hope the tornado misses you. We are about 80% done on set up. it seems we get rain every weekend and it's predicted to be here again next weekend. i hope to have it all up this weekend and then it's power to AL boxes and debug. it seems like the same push every year.
  3. The webcaster is cool for Halloween. but I am looking for that thicker, and stronger webing. I think the webcaster web would fall apart to quickly. still searching
  4. I thought that, but that would be a lot of hot glue.
  5. does nayone know how the wireframes companies do the clear plastic spiderwebby covering stuff? Is it something that can be done by us consumers? thanks
  6. It's from a friend of a friend who has just a little bit. Sounds like I should buy it all. What's a normal price for this? I've seen 11.00 (homedepot.com + Shipping) all the way up to 20/sheet. IT was so all over the place I just wasn't sure.
  7. I found 4 mil corrugated plastic for 8 bucks per sheet (4'X8'). Is this a good price, bad, fair? This is my first time buying this stuff. Is 4 mil good for shining light thru? I didn't want to go too thick. Thanks
  8. 2 tires stacked and filled with concrete and a sleeve for the pole. they will roll anywhere you want them, just not up stairs. the tires also give you a nice trunk shape if you bring the lights all the way back in and down.
  9. count me in on the pre-order. I want to switch a bunch of stuff to LED in 2011.
  10. Wow Thats alot of snow you guys have. I'm with Brian B, i was trying to figure out how I could cut the grass with all of the extension cords. I guess I'll just shut up now. We do get some pretty strong Santa Ana winds here in North L.A. county, but a few guy wires solve that problem. good luck with all of that snow. At least you'll have a "White Christmas"
  11. I built exactly what you are talking about. shoot me an email and I can send you the calculator I used. [email protected]
  12. I did the same thing as Mike Z. if you go tip-to-tip you will get plenty of coverage for night time visitors. I also put 10,000 lights on mine so the green wire helps fill things up too. I did use black zip ties though for the garland and the lights. I wanted it to be a little more rugged because my storage is tight and I figured this would hold up better. I've seen Mike's in person and you can't see through his or mine at all. Good luck with your build
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