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  • My favorite Christmas story
    Red and White blowmold scintillo ornaments lining our downtown streets as a kid.
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    Ladysmith, WI
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    32 years old. Born & raised in Ladysmith, WI. Very interested in Christmas decorations, especially vintage items.
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    Local History
    Green Bay Packers Memorabilia
    Christmas Decorating
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    City Administrator
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    Mix of new and vintage items as well as custom created decorations. Configuring my display in 2020 to be a rough recreation of a Christmas Village that was here in Ladysmith during my childhood 20+ years ago, complete with a Santa's workshop, vintage blow molds and even a few pieces from the Christmas Village that are seeing the light of day for the first time in 20+ years.

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  1. My neighbor stopped over tonight to tell me they had some plastic carolers in their basement from when they moved in that they wanted to give me. Believe these are around 1960s? Stamped Beco on the back. Happy to add them to the display for next year!
  2. Set part of our yard up as a walkthrough for the first time. It included a few homemade animatronics that had been from another display here in town that hadn't seen daylight in over 20 years.
  3. Found these in a storage shed. The snowman has an Empire stamp on it. Anyone have anything similar? Plastic is a bit brittle but the color is great
  4. Thank you very much! Makes sense seeing that the Scintillos they replaced them with game from GP as well. Seeing those catalog pages is absolutely awesome! I was born into the wrong era!
  5. Hello, New to Planet Christmas and wondering if anyone has any information on the municipal decorations seen in this picture? They used to hang across the streets in our downtown before being replaced by GP Scintillos. Had the Scintillos until a tornado took out some of our downtown buildings including the building where they were stored. Still have a few that survived that we hang in our park. The decorations in this picture seem to have been lost to time, however. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -Al
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