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    I like anything with elves.
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    I'm an adrenaline junky and I really enjoy creating things.
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    drag racing, kayaking, ATVs, making decorations.
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    I like very realistic looking yet static displays. That's what I am trying to make mine into.

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  1. Does your new SUV have running boards? What kind of SUV is it? I wrap Christmas lights around the running boards on my truck.
  2. We have to try and keep the forums alive. I don't know how to attract more traffic here, but I feel like people are getting more interested in this stuff, yet I have no idea why, and I feel like people will start looking for forums again within the next two years. I do think that if people posted more photos and fewer youtube links, that would help. Similar to Scott Rob I also depend on forums for this kind of stuff and browse them mostly from work, so even if I wanted to go to fb or youtube for this kind of stuff (which I don't), I couldn't. It's so much easier to post photos with the new platform as well, I feel like this could really help forums bounce back. $100 a month sounds like a lot. I think I was paying $20 a month when I owned a forum back in ~2010, that was just on hosting though, I don't know what your licensing fees are for. Is that a monthly fee the forum software charges you? I'd be willing to pony up a small monthly or annual fee to keep this place going. I already pay $20 a year to another forum, I'd easily be willing to pay $5 a month to keep this place going, perhaps I'm not the only one.
  3. Not sure about Walmart but Home Depot has brought back their plastic reindeer and I couldn't be more excited! Bought one last year, and was hoping they'd come out with some that look similar but are in different poses/colors and my wish came true! Ordered them last night, already says they're back-ordered so I'm not positive that I will get them, but a girl can always hope! Kinda disappointed that I will have to modify them though. Gonna paint their harnesses a bright red or kelly green to match my current reindeer. The current harnesses are maroon; I want Christmas reindeer, not Aggie reindeer! Also, the doe reindeer comes without antlers, which makes it look like it's just a deer. Gonna have to make her some antlers. New 2021 Reindeer Original 2020 Reindeer
  4. Yeah isn't the deer just adorable! I bought two (a boy and a girl) from a lady on craiglist for $60 for the pair! I felt a bit like a thief paying that little for them!
  5. Those are gonna be really cool, you did a really good job on that! This makes me want to abduct my Sister-In-Law's Yard gnomes at night and return them (before she wakes up) all zombie-fied.
  6. Went shopping for some foam heads for Halloween. The store didn't have any foam heads but they did have a mannequin for $30. Once I got it home I was super bummed to realize that it's not made to stand up, it only kneels or sits. But then I realized that it might make for a good Santa Claus.... just needs a little fattening up. And I'll also have to build Santaquin a sleigh to sit in. I hope people will find it fun and whimsical instead of creepy. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find an affordable Santa mask that isn't terrifying. Glad I found this one for $15. Not sure yet how I feel about the Santa suit I picked for him, might return it and opt for the normal Santa Suit.
  7. That looks really good! Brian - what are those little brass colored dots on the sign? And what did you make your snow out of? Sculpey?
  8. Let's see everyone's North Pole! Whether it's store bought or DIY. Here's the one I just made for my display this weekend.
  9. Seeing so many cool things on 2020's show. This guy was creating ridges on his DIY giant candy canes with a propane torch... I'm gonna have to look into that! Another family created a frozen mountain by covering one of their cars with plastic and lights and tule and Lord knows what else. That's a really good idea if you have a car in the driveway that you don't usually drive, cover it and use it as a prop!
  10. Congratulations, that's amazing!
  11. That's a great idea Slankard, that's exactly what I'll do should I need to. My problem is solved then, so excited, not only will the blue be gone, but I can take out or tape over some of the white lights too so that the lights don't look so linear. I want a random look for the lighting under the "snow" and I think this will accomplish that. Thank you so much guys!
  12. Okay here's the deal, my display has 7 sets of blue & white LED net lights, it's not what I wanted, but it's what was available and I'm trying to make it work. I want to remove all of the blue bulbs and leave their sockets empty. Will an empty socket break the circuit and cause all of the lights in the net to not work? I only want the white lights in the nets to work. I obviously have no clue how LEDs work and googling has not been fruitful thus far. Photo for reference of my icy disco hell.
  13. Those look great! And thanks for sharing your bulb journey with us, definitely helpful.
  14. So many cool things! Love the backdrops of course, opens a whole new realm of ideas for me! And the candles on your patio rail are really neat, looks like you made those yourself! I've never seen that anywhere, really neat.
  15. That's a good idea! I am at the very least going to suggest to my neighborhood group that we should organize an outdoor decoration scavenger hunt just like the ones people were proposing when Covid first started. People add one of their unique outdoor decorations to the scavenger hunt list and the kids have to ride around and check the item off their list.
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