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    Birth of Jesus
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    Just here to learn and share any knowledge inhave
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    Making things out of wood and pvc
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    Lots of homemade items, some store bought.. no clue on number of lights, but if I had to guess somewhere between 30 and 35 k lights.. maybe more?

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  1. Hey all, new to the site. I have been putting up Christmas displays since I was little, but have really ramped it up over the last few years. Make a lot of stuff out of pvc and wood, looking for ideas, troubleshooting and just learning about different thingsand helping others if possible. If I had to guess I’m around 30k+ lights that are lit. Have a bunch more but ran out of ideas and will probably have to upgrade our electrical panel next year. submitting some photos, but I have added since then. Once the weather holds off I’ll try to get some better pics and drone footage G
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