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    I guess i was about 5 or 6 when we went to Michigan to my sister's house for Christmas , and i had never seen the likes of the snow like was up there ! , but she had the best looking Christmas tree with multi colored lights,i am sometimes forgetful now , but not about that tree and the very cold weather.
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    tampa, Florida, USA
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    I was born a coal miner's son , in West Blocton Alabama(roll tide) the baby of 11 papa was 65 and retired when I first saw the light of day , i am a ASE certified auto mechanic Retired , and owner of Down From The MOUNTAIN Christmas LIGHTING here in Tampa.
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    still like rebuilding carburetors every now and then , and making Christmas decorations (such as sparkle balls)
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    when i do my home , i try to include the home made items like sparkle balls and blizzard tubes (love the 48" ones), never caught on to the computer control displays.

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  1. looks like you put them up with my favorite light clips , so they must not be too heavy.......... are they aluminum or hot roll steel ?
  2. oh , every time i go i plan on a coulpe days to hike and try to hike a new one each time ,we would love to have you tag along , alum cave trail is a must do for the 1st time hike and so is some good hiking boots 'cause its mostly roots & rocks , but so worth it for the views, there is nothing like it, you will never foreget it , and you will return ! i don't know whats better about the abrhams falls hike , the hike itself or the drive to it , but a good way to spend the day..... so that woud be a couple day hikes that should get ya hooked
  3. hey hot rod thts what i do every chance i get to go up that way have you hiked up to mt. la conte ? abrhams falls is a real nice hike in the summer, if it get too hot just sat down in the the water and watch the little rainbow trout nibble on your toes they change colors like led lights we are looking for a cabin that we can walk to the trolly stop that takes us to the convention center now
  4. oh yes , but they will go 75% when you least expect it , so you have to stop by a lot don't know if they will go any more than that...........not a lot left here except those gitter bows
  5. 1tnvol, i had about 6 or 7 strings of lowes pop the fuses , and when i opened the the little cover to pop them out , it looked like something that had been in saltwater for a while .........so i just thought it was all the rain , but there was a problem on a tree where the light strings did not stack and it would trip the gfi , that was a new one on me too , and that happened when it was VERRY dry out , all were lowes 100 ct. incans.
  6. yup , been there ! they were driving me nuts i used lousiana hot sause in a spray bottle and vicks vaporub on all the connections and ant had any problem in after that
  7. i like ..........'nuf to make a feller learn to swim !
  8. could you let us know when you get yours and how you like it ? i called 3 of my verry good coustomers and told them they sould get as lesat one , and i had one call me back no more than 10 min. all gittie and told me they got the "frank and freinds" and "santas raindeer barn". it would be nice to get ole frank and freinds up in a couple weeks
  9. thank you brad , that is what i need to do WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO !
  10. if you need something to stack 3 or 4 high or higher with a lot of weight in them ............. check out the green ultra latch totes at target, i have them stuffed with 40 ft. ext. cords and light sets , and they are holding up real good. 25 gal. $9.00
  11. just stopped in target this morning and found about 12 cases of icicle lights green and white cord clear minis 50 ct. and the 350 ct. and the phillips clear on spools and ioo ct. boxs nets clear and multi tons of led sets I filled 2 carts full and on the way to the check out a worker smiled and gave me THAT look and I said I just can NOT belive you still have lights ! and she said i just found them in the back and put them out ! is that luck or what ! WOOOOoooooHOOOoooooo ! And there are lots more ! s, del mabry and and 275 in south tampa
  12. Well............i had found a target store that had cases upon cases of 100 ct. minis,reds,greens,clear,icicles, and i just knew where and when i was gonna pounce, went to check it out last night , and it looked like the buzzerds had landed on it, all i could come away with was a few c7s and a case of clear 50ct clear, and get this the check-out lady said some radio station had said this store had tons of clear minis, and you know the rest, so if you need them get them now , after christmas sales are a gamble, and we are NOT dealing the cards !
  13. i know what your thinking , i'm thinking the same thing but.............i do 4 entry ways for this property management company , and they have 5 entry walls to light up ,4 have power 1 has none . is there a " new generation " of solor christmas lights , or should i be thinking of a panel or 2 ?
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