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  1. Is that what I have to do Kick my kids out ???!!! LOL !! Some of my headaches would be gone !! LOL!!
  2. Just Found A radio tower for rent a block from the house I am gonna call and find out whats the deal !!! LOL!!!
  3. Barry jinxed me with car trouble !!! lots of work on our daily driver this week . Still need to work on it mon morning Thanks Barry !!! LOL!!! I will get you !!!! LOL!!!!
  4. interested in c9 retrofit bulbs depending on price!!
  5. lol I have the Snapple brand wiggling ghosts I believe they take a c battery !!
  6. bought several bags 2 years ago like 10 bags some from walmart and some from harbor freight 2 bags ended up being junk not sure which store they came from they snapped as soon as you pulled them tight good thing they were so cheap...
  7. Some where I found like 1000ft roll for $80 or something like that I just cant remember .. Old Timers must be kicking in !!! LOL!!!
  8. Why I want to make my own is the custom lengths you can make Beats the 4-5 15ft ones i had hooked together last year and easier to water protect..
  9. I think He wants a big roll Of wire then Vampire plugs to make his own custom length cords .. Thats what i am looking for The best price for both
  10. I can relate to this !! one set of my candy canes has like 4 cords plugged into each other to reach it !!! LOL!!!
  11. These are the exact reasons why I never bought one .I took the plunge into LOR...
  12. Hey guys and gals .. I Want to know what do you use on the 28" plastic candy canes to hold them in place ?? I thought of using 3/4 inch dowel rods but because of our hard soil in areas I have trouble with this method. I have also had trouble with the ground power spikes.The end of the dowel rod gets messed up and I cant get the cane on it. I was thinking of maybe using rebar??? Any other suggestions??? Thanks William
  13. thanks for the replies .. I am not worried about power comsumption but rather messing up the edm .Since I am not using a separate computer just to run my show, I plan on building one in the off season. I am using my comp when the show is on and cant play my games due to the sound issue LOL. Anyways plan on building comp for 24/7 music and LOR Show for next year. This year I just flat ran out of time .. Oh well . Display looks good Kids and wifie are happy That makes life good !!!!
  14. How do most of you turn your transmitter on ?? I have thought of using 1 channel of lor to do so But was concerned with it going on and off between songs I know this is a short time but i was just wondering is there a better way to do it ??
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