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    My children's eyes lighting up on Christmas with all the christmas decorations I put up, small xmas trees in their room, small xmas tree in the hallway plus big "normal" xmas tree in the living room - my wife was quite exasperated with me however :P
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    Palm Beach, Florida
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    Been putting up Christmas "figure" type things outside for a while but sadly lights have burned out on some of the figures outside
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    Christmas! :) Also sci fi and fantasy
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    stay at home dad and occasional computer repair guy
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    Very humble :) .. just some xmas decorations outside , xmas figures

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  1. Rich again thanks so much .. I finally got around to taking down the xmas lights today and when I was putting them away realized the box they came in gives the number of watts used... actually the info I gave at the start of the thread was a bit misleading, I actually had two sets of xmas lights up, one white one multicolored, but only half of each was wrapped around Bumble the rest was just kind of sitting there on the ground away from him ... the white lights according to the box they came in use 122.4 watts total.... but again half of the lights were wrapped around Bumble so... half of th
  2. Rich thank you so much I really appreciate what you wrote ... that was a fantastic idea you had, I did just thought, tested the string with my hands - the string and bumble were warm to the touch but not hot to the point where I think it would start a fire, very nice common sense approach I don't know why I didn't think of that thank you ... I looked online but could not find info on how many watts the lights use, I will try checking the box (unfortunately I don't think the lights come with a pamphlet describing watts used - they really are cheap lights ) .. I did find this product
  3. thanks for the reply guys (scratches head) I'm not getting an email notification when someone replies to my thread here but I will definitely keep checking in here for any updates .. having said that ... all right I admit it I'm a lazy slob who isn't nearly as invested in xmas lights as the people here , seriously my annual xmas display is nothing short of pathetic compared to my neighbors let alone what you guys probably have up in your yards (but the kids despite being 19 and 17 now still like it so I still put the figures up every year) .... I actually like the way the led lights wrappe
  4. Hi guys brand new to the forums here and apologies for what is no doubt an insanely stupid question - honestly I don't even know if I'm at the right website or if this is the right place to be posting questions like this I have a few beloved "Bumble the Abominable Snowman" (from those old Rudolph stop motion Christmas specials us older folks watched as children ) outdoor light-up decorations... except the lights have stopped working on them. I read on another website devoted to xmas decorations that you could wrap Christmas lights around the figures and this has worked beautifully for
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