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  1. I ordered a Renard SS24. I also found some fused SPT-1 male vampire plugs at SPT1 / SPT2 Fused Male Vampire Zip Plugs (actionlighting.com). Took me a long time to find them...
  2. The video I mentioned was just of my light previews in Vixen; intended for sharing sequence progress, that's all. I'm running an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz with 4 processors and 16 Gb RAM. I have no idea how it will perform... Are you still using the Pi? I haven't looked at that aspect, yet. I've been planning to get the Starter Set that is offered with the Renards. The Starter Set includes an FM radio. Having done a little ham radio I plan to build a dipole antenna for the radio. I was reading about copyright stuff. I've been thinking about talking with a copyrig
  3. I have not bought controllers yet. I’m wanting to build them. Looking at the Renard SS24 kit on DIYC. I tried the Windows indigenous video capture last night. Worked great. But 30 seconds resulted in a 40 Mb mp4 file.
  4. Great advice. I’m two weeks into this and already wondering how it’s going to come together. Time to step back. When I get the video capture setup on my pc I’ll post a short clip. I had this idea of doing a show this summer so I started a second sequence and put the Christmas sequence aside for a few days. It’s interesting to see the differences in sequencing a fast song versus a slower song.
  5. Found a post that pointed me to doityourselfchristmas.com. The Renard SS series look like solid controllers. After a number of hours using the Vixen software I'm thinking it produces nice sequences. However, having not purchased the controllers yet, I don't have any experience with the setup and timing. I want to work warm white incandescents with warm white LEDs. I think I need the LEDs for the quicker response times; I want to have the lights respond to the quickly moving music so the lights are on-off-on more than a couple times a second. Maybe that is too fast. Trying to work cost a
  6. Good morning and Happy New Year. I've started the planning for this year's yard display during Christmas and want to present my thoughts to you for your comment and suggestion. I'm an engineer (electrical at that) so I'm at a disadvantage in some respects. Among other things, my wife says that I think too much. So, this hobby, for me, is now about thinking AND doing. I've bought my first set of 88 mini warm white incandescents. Here is my wish list: One - LOR CTB16PC Kit (plan to start with 8 channels on one side so one supply extension cord at 15A) LOR Starter Pack with ShowTi
  7. Chuck, Thank you for admitting me to the group. Being my first post I want to thank you for making available what sounds like a treasure trove of information and experience from a large group of folks. I really look forward to diving in here in the coming months. I’ve wanted to do a front yard light display for a long time; to include an fm transmitter and music synchronized light strings. I want to start with white lights synced to an orchestration of a portion(s) of Handel’s Messiah. Not having yet looked, but just imagining from a few things I’ve read in this post, I will find many i
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