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    It's a wonderful life, net runner up White Christmas
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    Olympia, WA
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    Born and raised in Washington state. I work as a Plumber. Worked on the tools for 18 years now I am a detailer.
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    Woodworking, I make all my outdoor decoration. I also very interested (even though I am a beginner) Christmas displays
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    My display is wood cut outs of angles, (i have four, they equal amount of parents my wife and I have lost, her parent, my mom and my step mom.) I have made a wood carved snow man. letter that say Joy and Merry Christmas. I also have the Grinch peaking over my fence. I made a tree and presents. Next year I am planning on adding a gingerbread house and a gingerbread church with people. I am also planning adding nutcracker soldiers, and candy canes. This year hologram projector was added to shine merry Christmas on my upper window.

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  1. I love Christmas. I enjoy building decorations. My new endeavor been trying to build a holiday light show (totally beginner). I will take advice. I also enjoy building wood art cut outs. I have 4 angles, one snowman and the Crinch. I have more coming.
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