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    Texas, USA
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    iam a Asst Store Director for a local supermarket, i also install car Audio and security, like to get my hands dirty under the hood also... added a new car to the family over the summer a 2004 GTO m6 Torried red. it currently has 450rwhp with a few bolton mods
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    Christmas Lighting, Car audio Video & security. Computers Cellphones ( Nokia5800 ) and every thing here and between.
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    Asst Store Director Befor Grocery Manager.
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    At last count 5500 Lights plus what ever i buy this year

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  1. Chuck... How the heck are you doing sir? Hope all is well!

  2. I ended up setting up my owen camera system Useing a program called Webcam XP ( bought the pro liscens ) and bought 4 usb webcams from radioshack on Blackfriday $5.99/each... i had a box of 1000ft cat6 so i ran cat6 to each camera spliced the cat6 in to use solidered each place and hooked it all to my home server via usb and cant be happyer.. Grand total... $65.00 ( Rounded off ) (camera 1 accesed via my laptop custome ip address set up )
  3. Micheal, Im so sorry for your lose i belive that this is THE hardest time of the year to loose someone that is very close to you so you have my Deepest Sarrows you and your family will be in my prayer tonight -Drew
  4. i always wrap my trees i think that drapeing looks Messy unthought and just thougen up there
  5. Well guys & Gals I've been working on some ideas for the 08/09 Lighting season and what i think im going to do is just wrap the trees in red lights and thats it for now because of work i may add a few small things but havent desided But will update when i deside -Drew
  6. Richard, What did you use to bulid thes? if you dont mind me asking Drew
  7. Yes me too im glade i found out now not 2 or 3 years in to a marrige and who knows ther could/would have been kids involved and thats just not fare so im "happy" its over now, then later on... Dont really know what that i'am going to do for Christmas just yet...... Im already trying to deside what i do want to do ya know?
  8. So needless tosay this last year & 1/2 was pretty intresting.... got Engauged Planed a Wedding Honeymoon and all the above but to have my heart riped out and stomped on December 25th 2007 at 11:00am when my EX Sent me a Email Telling me that she didn't love me any more and She would explane why when she got back into the States..... So rolls around June 20th this year she gets back i go to see her and she hit me with this that she had been cheating one me and then tells me "I dont love you i dont ever want to see you again!" so granted my "Friend" Meagen wint with me just in case but thank goodness nothing happend but if anything would have Meagan was ready to Rumble haha! i got Promoted to Manament at work now im working a 48-52hour work week but salaryed good money ($750/week) Didnt do much for Christmas Lighting last year because of my persnol life but did a little maby 350 lights just out lined the roof and windows nothing else...... But this year im gearing up for a Big display this year im going to go all out like i did back in 05'/06' Lighting season. So this is whats been happening in my life.... How about the rest of you? -Drew
  9. None on the shelves in wext texas yet..... will look at walmart tonight
  10. yes i finished i got every thing done last sunday evening -Drew
  11. Hey all just wanted to give you a quick update on every thing.... Nothing much is new for 07 looking at buying some more LED lights for this year I'm really liking they way that they look and work i also included a video for you to view if you want too. i didn't get asmuch as i wanted to get done to the house this year as i wanted/needed ECT ECT i will Possibly be going up to 7500 lights of so this year including Spotlights and LED lights also.... So i hope this gives you a little info on it and enjoy the video ( if thepost is in the wround area mods please move it ) -Drew
  12. Hey that looks very very very good i'am impressed just a question are you useing rope light? -Drew
  13. i haven't even started working on mine as of just yet been busy with work and getting my business opened up and all but i hopefully will have sometime this weekend and work on it a little bit -Drew
  14. i would say start out with an 100footer and see what you have left over and go from there -Drew
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