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    3 kids, 2 of them twins. Started light animation when my wife was pregnant with the twins since I wasn't allowed in the house
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  1. why falcon? Not that they aren't good controllers. Holiday coro strong point for me is they're more expandable and flexible for daisy chaining. So for a small contained display probably doesn't matter much, but anything beyond that I would lean holidaycoro. What are your thoughts?
  2. It's a lot easier than you think, but it's definitely more complicated than just turning lights on/off and dimming. The bigger challenge is distance from controller to first light. 20ft without an amplifier is typically what I've seen as the max depending on voltage and wiring. Most of the software now comes with pre-built patterns. So you're not having to sequences each node (pixel with 3 channels for red, blue, and green) separately. You tell the software the universes/channel ranges and the number of nodes on the string. Then you drag/drop the pattern you want on top. With multiple st
  3. Yes besides the lights, you need a controller, software, a way to hold the lights, extension cords. That said, there's a big range of controllers and software depending upon what you want to do. You can go get simple controllers like wLED which has it's own software - but you'll be pretty limited in what you can do. You can go with more formal controllers which some have their own software or you can use something like Vixen3 or xLights for software. I've done a DIY solder board when I got started 10 years ago for dumb strings which worked well and was pretty inexpensive. But I've been us
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