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    Just a crazy, Geeky, Intelligent, Cuddly, Fireplace Lovin,Log cabin republican, christmas-a-holic..

    Yes i believe in santa Claus..
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    Cars, computers, electronics, christmas Lights, Music, storm-chasing, Cooking, Biking, Opera, Symphony, deep conversation, Meditation, Baking....
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    My display is an ever-changing, growing entity.. I do not run the same display 2 years in a row.. for 2009 it was 35,000 mostly all incandescent lights synced to 176 channels of Light-o-rama with ab it of techno music and traditional music both.

    for 2010 it will be completely technology driven with many more LED's, Video grids, projectors, Colors, and more Techno-Trance based Music.. with a little traditional Mixed in...

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  1. I like the dryer vent idea.. I might do that for 2013.. great idea for hooding the water away.. -Christopher
  2. im using an optoma EP739 and an older NEC VT650.. the NEC is LCD, the optoma is DLP.. both aroiund 2500 lumens and they were fabulous on my garage door this season.. you can find Business projectors much cheaper than home theatre projectors.. Busioness projectors will have a native resolution often at 1024 x 768 which is more than enough for displaying virtual santa or outdoor patterns on the house, etc.. despite everyone telling me otherwise. I simply placed them in plastic bins with a couple holes cut for ventilation.. they went through rain, near zero degree F temperatures, snow, wind, etc and no lamp breakage, no failures.. and they both still work great.. -Christopher
  3. where is the "expo" I hear of located? -Christopher
  4. for sure.. it seems to be a little known fact amongst many people.. but Christmas lights make people of all ages smile.. they just do... they always have for me.. and each year when the christmas lights begin to appear in the stores.. and the first house with a tree in the window.. my smile grows wider... its all worth it for those smiles! -Christopher
  5. how is the brightness compared to a standard C-9 bulb? I notice in past years the garden-ridge opaque lights always were really dim compared to standard C7's.. -Christopher
  6. thus far I have done pretty good with my blue and white LED's from CDI.. I pulled out a string that I bought with all my others in 2009 but never used and compared it to ones that ive used since 2009 and brightness is still uniform and bright.. ive got some Lowes Multi strings and after 3 years they are also still good on all colors.. though I do notice on all of the strings after 4 christmas seasons in service the cords on them all are starting to show some fade and such.. no cracks yet but makes me wonder how good any of them are.. the Lowes and the CDI lights have the same cord look after 4 seasons used... -Christopher
  7. I got some from sandevices.. they are waterproof 8 ft 4 pin.. not sure if thats what you are looking for? -Christopher
  8. I love when colors blend at a distance.. it adds a whole other dimension to a display.. ive played with that very idea in my display long before RGB lights came about.. alas why my rooflines were always C-9 red / green / blue.. because my house is viewable at a bit of distance it created a neat effect... -Christopher
  9. its tough to get them any closer than 4" close and still manage the wires.. esp if mounting them on a rail or other pre-built apparatus.. the problem I found when i experimented with 4 color was my house doesnt sit real far from the street.. maybe 25-30 feet.. so when only one color was on with 16 inch spacing the lights appeared way to sparse to look good.. that said C-7's seem to work with 4 colors at a 3 inch spacing between each bulb (12" same color).. . esp if your house is not too far from the street.. for 2013 I very well may go with RGB pixels at a 6 inch spacing.. that will allow me multiple colors and single colors alike to look uniform.. as ive found this year RGB pixels are PLENTY bright to use esp when pointed outward.. the viewing angle is easily 120 degrees... I have looked at different options for giving them the "bulbier" look as opposed to the "pixel" look.. and thus far the best ive found is to "destroy" a CDI C-9 LED retro bulb just for its diffuser.. sad but it works.. now if I could just find a supplier to sell me the "diffusers" by themselves.. -Christopher
  10. I run all Smart lights this year as a test...a place to start for controllers and links to lights is www.sandevices.com the PS1 is a turnkey controller that is designed to control up to 800 RGB lights.. you can buy the lights in strips or as I did in individual pixels in a string and then I mounted them on inexpensive plastic rails... LOR software can control them individually using DMX over ethernet.. other software such as Lightshowpro, Madrix (pricey), or Lightfactory(pricey) can control them in groups and has effect functionality.... I have 1600 RGB Lights in my show this year and for a small yard like mine they are nothing less than incredible!!! I did not do any Music due to time constraints but have the lights performing various effects.. along with some regular lights too... the links posted above by fellow members are a great place to start for information.. I bought TLS-3001 pixel strings from Ray Wu that connect to my controller.. the learning curve to get up and running was very small.... Because time was short, I opted for the more expensive Madrix software... which doesnt give you individual Light control.. but allows you to overlay canned and created effects over a group of lights.. some effects are influenced by audio input, some are not.. since you have a year to get started you can take your time and explore many options.
  11. I also do a 4 inch spacing on bulbs.. 12 inch for each color and 3 colors.. it works out very well.. esp since with LOR you rarely have more than one color on or are fading between the colors... -Christopher
  12. OK Guys and Gals.. due to some really heavy duty work projects.. im not going to be able to have my christmas party at home.. (no way to plan, clean, cook,bake, deck the inside in such short time when I arrive home thursday night) so im hopping in the car and going to Drive.. I love a good road trip.. starting out likely friday or saturday... NOW.. I want to hit as many Cool christmas displays as I can.. because i no longer have a Jeep i cant do the northern snowy climates like I want to.. so in a Honda Civic im headed SOUTH.. ive never spent christmas in the deep south or florida before.. so lead me along.. send me your addresses and I'll plot the routes and come see your light show and smile .. of course I LOVE animated displays.. but if you have an over-the top static display im IN for that too!!.. and if any PCers want to meet up or do dinner or a starbucks.. im in for that too... I plan to drive many places starting from COlumbus Ohio and generally ending up christmas eve and part of christmas day in South Beach.. and then work my way back north christmas night and beyond.. Bring it on BABY its time for a ROAD TRIP!!! and I want to see your lights.. since I cannot have my christmas eve party this year it will be Your lights that bring me a big smile!! -Christopher
  13. that seriously ROCKS.. and goes right along with the Multimedia style im going to for my display...! Love it!!! -Christopher
  14. I LOVE it!!!! Im a HUGE steelers fan too!!!.. and a long time one.. back from the mid 1970s.. and stuck by their side all the way through!! -Christopher
  15. there are many reasons to put up a huge christmas display.. it means many things to many people, none of them wrong... some people enjoy the deisgning,the buildout, the excitement of it.. some enjoy the finished product, others are out there trying to out-do the house next door or across town, some want to see chidren smile and dance on the sidewalk to the lights.. others want to bring back the christmas of old and outfit their homes as such... some put up outdoor decorations so that Jesus as he watches down sees that you are thinking of him and celebrating his birth... yet others do it to carry on a family tradtion.. and thats just the start of the reasons... but one thing in COMMON with ALL reasons is it is designed to make you, and / or others happy.. to share... I have put up christmas lights since I was 7 years old and had 1 lonely string of Glow-brights on a front bush... the neighbor man across the street that had the house of envy of all came across the street, complimented me on my Lights and handed me another set so I could do the bush on the other side of the picture window too... that started it for me.. it sounds like one of the things that brings you enjoyment is having a "cool" display.. something different... Yes animation is main stream now.. you can buy a light show in a box from lowes now.. So.. do something different, unique and new.. everyone is going RGB now, maybe you go TOTALLY old school for a year or two.. or a display that can morph from completely 1950s to 2005 to 2013 and beyond.. one minute it looks like "a christmas story" the next minute. its the girswolds.. then its LOR-MANIA.. then its RGB pixels.. then its a Megatron on your roof... - something others arent doing.. a completely alterable display based on your music, your feelings etc.. Burn-out is entirely possible. I went through it myself.. yes I went through a few years of depression.. HOWEVER I did learn that even though after 2009 my Largest display ever I felt completely fried.. guess what, 2010.. it was a relief to feel free at christmas-time.. well at least for october, and november.. come december as cars came by slowing down looking for the lights.. and when others asked "wheres the lights?" I kind of missed it a bit.. come 2011 I was pretty depressed in general.. however I was really starting to miss the long hours, the overnights at my local 24 hour coffee shop sequencing.. the hammering, nailing, sawing, soldering, splicing, and wiring come october.... enter 2012, I knew somehow someway I was going to do something... I bought a CCP off a forum member and stuffed it in the basement.. come late september I started to pull out of my general depression.. why?? one big reason was I started to feel that sparkle-eye, goose bumpy feeling once again as I realized even though october 1 is late, I was going to have a Christmas display... all new, all different, like none other.. no not as big , not as many wires.. and such.. but yes a display!... and guess what it feels good to be back! if I were you, I would think about a 2 year cycle... Every 2 years you run a BIG well thought out display.. asnd the in between years you run something different.. static lights? inflatables, blow molds.. static displays dont take near the sequencing, wiring, and set up time.. one year static, one year animated.. it keeps your guests interested, you have 2 years to dream up, program, and build something that IS unique and different and have FUN at it.. -Christopher
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