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  1. Hi Glenn,

    PM is not working.  Please email me at lad3@roadrunner.com if it is available.  I will get the payment to you ASAP!


    Lenny Davis

  2. For Sale- Garage Door Mural

    Hi Glenn, If it is still available, I would love to buy it! I'll PM you now. Thanks Can't get PM to work. Bummer! Email me at lad3@roadrunner.com if still available and thanks!
  3. Everything has a reason

    HAHAHAHA! I had to share that with my wife! Don't leave us hanging Don! Were you able to get all 10??!!
  4. Selling Everything

    Oh well, too good to be true!
  5. Selling Everything

    Very interested in the animated items!
  6. Hi everyone, First let me start off with fact that I know absolutely nothing about electrical things. Nothing about controllers, boards, or pretty much anything along that line. If it plugs in and lights up....great! If it doesn't, then it probably needed to be replaced anyways. However I am ready to learn. I am looking to make a single LED flash on and off with it being able to adjust the timing of it. If anyone can explain it in pretty simple terms I would be more than grateful! Thanks!!!
  7. Wind ripped my Inflatable Snow Globe

    I had a big snow globe a few years ago and of course some kids vandalized it by slashing the globe part right in the middle of the globe. I got a large needle and 50lb test fishing line and stitched it. It held the air and the cut was visible but barely
  8. Motorizing a cutout

    I love it! Thanks everyone
  9. Motorizing a cutout

    Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone has motorized the arm on this cutout from The Winfield Collection. I just received the pattern and plan on making the arm go up and down. It doesn't look too difficult, but if someone else has and can explain how they did it, it would save me the usual 10 trips to the hardware store, a few swear words and a bunch of "I told you to ask for advice" from the wife! Much thanks and hope everyone is doing great! I
  10. Inflatable repair

    I had the big snow globe and it ripped in the front. I used a needle and fishing line to stitch it together. Held up well with very minor air leak that didn't affect it at all.
  11. Christmas outdoor counter/clock

    I bought the Disney countdown clock and it was great. Held up well and was plenty bright. However when I bought it back in November, I had to return it twice due to it not being able to focus.
  12. I bought the Disney countdown at Lowes back in November.  Worked great and is well built.  However, I had to return it twice and exchange it for one that worked.  Out of the box it was a blur and could not be focused no matter what.  But when I got one that worked, it worked great with no issues!

  13. Snow Globe Projection

    That is so AWSOME qberg! Very well done. I know have my goal for next year!! Great details on how you did it! Quick question. Which version of PowerDirector did you use? (just want to make sure I get the right mask). Hopfully you can post your video. Again very well done!!
  14. Anyone know how many lums it projects? Thanks!
  15. Help repairing LED string

    I've used the LED Keeper tool. It actually worked for me (unlike the non led one). It helps pinpoint the problem spot that either is the bulb or a loose wire at a socket. Here is a link to it on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/LED-Keeper-Light-Repair-Tool/dp/B007H4I8HY. Hope this helps!