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  1. No testing like destructive testing !!! Thanks for the info and the laugh.
  2. http://www.diyledexpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=10&products_id=65 These look like what you are asking about. They would need a DC controller. They are 5volts, not 12volts. Most DC controllers can output 5volts as long as you provide higher voltage to the control circuitry.
  3. I don't remember any specific post back when this Pre-order started, but it seemed pretty clear that MITS was really a Fireworks company looking to trade their expertise in "China" purchasing by getting into LED lights. I was not ordering for July 4th, thankfully. At the time, I wasn't thinking about Halloween, but now I have a single Coro animated pumpkin kit and keep looking at the 4 singing Coro monsters. Curse you, Dave Moore! Anyway, I haven't gotten my lights yet, either. But, here in my part of Texas it is too hot to worry about it. (105 yesterday and today) I'll try to chill and st
  4. Great Tip on the Nylon Rope and Safety Pins. If you used 16 light strings and 16 nylon ropes, you should be able to get one string "perfect" and then duplicate the other 15 by using a tape measure. Though it might be prone to tangling, I should be able to build in the back yard, pull my stakes and then re-stake in the front yard. The safety pins would prevent shifting during transit (and storage!)
  5. The D-Light website says that they are out of stock on Firefli strings right now. I don't think they have anything to send to you.
  6. from the D-Light website: D-Light Designs, LLC (D-Light) warrants unconditionally, to the first end-user, all hardware and parts thereof against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. D-Light will remedy any defect via repair or replacement during this period. The end-user must contact D-Light for a return authorization and ship the defective unit back at customer expense. When received, the unit will be repaired or replaced at D-Light's discretion and then returned at D-Light's expense. - note from JonB - if you are not the "first en
  7. Using Adobe Premiere 9 with my Flip Ultra HD. If you start a new project with the existing Preset for the Flip, it works great. (If you don't, it is pretty slow.) The biggest problem was the output. It didn't give me a matching MP4 output. I'm still looking at that and will let you know if I find the best export method.
  8. I don't know what a bullet connector looks like. Picture or link?
  9. Well, the 24vac would have to be rectified to DC. Not a problem, but necessary. If you want 7 segment chunks, you just need to do some math. For instance, since Blue LEDs usually use 2.5vdc per bulb, 7 of them in series would use 17.5vdc. Subtract that from your DC supply voltage (use a voltmeter to be sure). Let's say it is 24vdc. That means you MUST add a resistor that will handle the remaining 6.5 volts. The amperage for LEDs is generally figured as 20 milliamps. 6.5Volts, divided by 20 milliamps (0.020) is 325 ohms. Now, 325 ohms times the amperage squared (325 * .0004) gives a value of
  10. I took some voltage readings on a strings of very dim Blues today. 100ct, CDI replacement string (2008/2009 era). I know that I mentioned just above that I suspected the Capacitor of being the culprit, but now I don't think so. I plugged in the string and took a voltage reading on each end. The end near the male plug is configured to apply Positive DC to the string; the female end applies Negative DC. I expected one end to be correct and the other one to be dead. Not so. One end was +122Vdc, the other was -122Vdc, so there was a full 244Volts of DC applied across 100 blue LEDs. Should have lit
  11. Perhaps I'm missing something but with D3 and D4 oriented like that, won't they block any current flow through the LED string? Also, my failing strings all seem to be Mega tree strings. The short section of wire between bulb 50 and 51 goes over my hook. They are under slight tension, so whatever replacement method I use must withstand some pull.
  12. Phil, I'll bet that capacitor is a 200volt rating. It won't hold up long. Replace it with a 300volt and it will last. Same circuitry as my failed blues.
  13. I have 6 strings of Blue 100ct LEDs do the "fade" or even "dark" thing this year. They worked all last year, but failing this year and I'm almost out of spares. They have the identical little power modules as pictured, one in each end. I'm fairly certain that the problem is the underrated capacitor (200volt) because the diodes are still fine, and they were well sealed so it wasn't environmental. If I didn't have to virtually destroy things to get it open, I'd just replace the capacitor with a 300volt rated version with the same capacitance value. The different resistors and the capacitor are a
  14. Made mine in two pieces like others have. I used metal electrical conduit and 90degree connectors. I drew the arc on the driveway with chalk and slowly bent the conduit to match the chalk. Then cut the ends. I used a total of 23 strands of 100ct LED Multis. 11 on each side, then once assembled out of storage, one strand down the middle. I hung it above my garage door so the dimensions were picked to fit. It hangs from two eyebolts and some baling wire. (it isn't very heavy)
  15. I used WindowWonder last year (and will again this year) for two exterior window frames. I have aluminum trim around the two windows, so mounting was a problem. I just wanted frames to hang. I use three colors of LED minis (green, blue and w-white) and just alternate them around the Window Wonder. Here's a thread with pics from last year: http://d-light.us/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1736&p=12997&hilit=window+wonder#p12997 In that same post, if you scroll up, is the video that got the comment "What is outlining your two front windows? They are very bright." Note the wooden
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