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  1. Some quick bits for you to digest.. Check the ratings of all your guying hardware, such as the cable itself. Clevises or quick links, turnbuckles, clamps, etc. I don't think it's unreasonable to have each guy cable, assembly capable of holding near 1000 lbs,IF you have sufficient ground anchoring and attachment point at the top. I say that trying to account for the worst case scenario of 50+ mph winds, ice storms, heavy snow (like one storm that was so heavy, one of my trees looked like a folded up umbrella. Major weight/wind load) The reason I bring that up is many of the generic turnbuclkes you find, might only have a rating of a couple hundred lbs. Another thing to consider with guying is not to overtighten your guy wires with turnbuclkes. Too much tension will cause compressive tension in the mast creating a "bow" that will fail easily with any additional outside loading. You only have to take the slack out of the cables to hold the tree in one place. I personally don't use turnbuckles on my trees. Just pull the cables taught and get the tree level, and then fully tighten the clamps, and they don't move at all. Just food for thought... Now get to work on those projects. Only 8 months to go!
  2. Gret Job, TOM. Good idea to attach the ropelight to screen in lieu of plywood, etc, as that has way too much wind resistance, and then blocks everything behind it anyway. Dave H
  3. Scott. Sorry about your accident, but I'm thankful everybody is ok! Count me in!!! You got a pm Jeff..
  4. I am flattered that I was mentioned here. Thanks you guys! As for the plans & info, I really need to get busy and finish up some more when I get a minute:laughing:. Thats what this place is all about! Sharing basic ideas and each person interpreting and evolving that idea into something that works in their display. I've been influenced my many here and I'm getting ideas even now for next season (as it's getting very close to an end already, snif, snif). If it weren't for Chuckand Dan, I don't know if I'd even be decorating anymore. They gave me the tools necessary to fulfill things I'd only dreamt about. Look at the awesome new ideas from Ron Lister and Steve Bang recently. They've got me thinking a lot for '08.... Happy Lighting!!!!
  5. Ok. I have a few to add.. 1,412,267 + 63,000 1,475,267 -Dave H
  6. OMG. My family was watching that during my sequencing-marathon just before Thanksgiving. Had me come down and watch Buddy's "Display"!!! WOW! I instantly quit & started taking everything back down. No way to compete with that...:laughing: How long before we actually see one like that...
  7. You're a seasoned CLF when the high voltage light tester your're pressing the button on doesn't seem to hurt as much as itdid the first timewhenyouALSO forgot to let go of the light string.....ZZZZZZZZZPPPPPP!!!
  8. Arch Brackets are SOLD OUT! Thanks. Everybody have a safe, fun and entertaining lighting season. Spread lots of smiles, cheerand joy to everybody because thats what we do! I'll start on more next march.
  9. I still have a few of the lighted yard arch kit brackets left, so the remainder of the inventory is on sale until gone. I need tomove these before starting a new order for 2008. Sale price is $7 each. I also have a few of the PVC pipe light winder kits that are on sale for $47 thru Nov. 2007. These make it much easier to wind mini-light strings onto PVC pipe used for your yard arches, driveway arches or leaping light applications. You can contact me at [email protected] Thanks for looking and Happy Lighting! Dave H Yard_Arch_Instructions[1].pdf
  10. It's official! I have stock again! Been a busy weekend so I'm a little late getting this up here. Dave H
  11. Keith: My zip's 84401. and, Thanks Jeff!
  12. The brackets (either Run or End bracket) are $8 each. The winder kit, when purchased with brackets is $50. Purchased separately is $60.
  13. David. The angle of the posts is configured for 8' centers and 2'-8" high on the upper pipe (2' on the lower pipe), using approx. 10' long lengths of 1/2" PVC. My thinking was to keep them low enough to provide a barrier, but not cover up everything behind it. I am working on some prototype bases for the leaping lights arches for my friend, Randy. Those will be set up for 13' centers at 52" high utilizing two 8' pcs of 3/4" PVC. We'll see how those turn out and may start producing those as well if there's demand. Brian. Thanks for the plug....:laughing: Happy Lighting Everybody!!!!
  14. Within a couple of weeks of this posting, the yard arch kit components will be available again. I have a crate of arch brackets getting galvanized now, and winder kits in process. See pdf. attachments for more info. Note that the winder kits will also be very helpful for winding driveway arches, leaping lights, etc. Additional information here, too: http://www.westhavenlights.com/downloads/Product_Instructions/Arch_Assembly_&_Install.pdf Dave H [email protected] Yard_Arch_Instructions.pdf
  15. I always had a problem with my mini-trees, as they were constructed from galvanized rod. Great to resist rust, but terrible for wet conductivity problems, such as mentioned above. My solution that I've found for me personally to be very effective is to paint the outside of the legs at the point of most contact or wrap of the lights with a few coats of clear spray paint. After doing so, I have had TWO uninterrupted years of mini-tree GFCI tripping. Another unintended benefit was that the light strings seem to "cling" to the clear better than bare metal and not slide up the frames and the light strings get loose.
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