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  1. Very good...I needed that to go with our new Duck Dynasty Tree...
  2. My favorite group...if you do video in display like we do..yoi can get the youtube video of dean and frank sing marshmallow world together...I really like it...
  3. Great display xenon....as always...drive thou next year ir walkway?
  4. 11 feet it is a nice size...4 songs....
  5. Inflatable has a pocket for speaker...yes wires are going to speaker box for lights in face..
  6. I'm going to get the Christmas tree too...it will be good for the walkways.
  7. No..I looked...because I wanted to do that too..but it is real neat...
  8. I got this in with a few more last night from yardinflatables....this inflatable is very cool...worth the money...it plays 4 songs with the face even working between songs..about 30 sec between songs..wish speaker was a little bit louder..but it will do...I tried to video it but it didn't work out good...but it is cool..I really like it.. and it is big.... http://www.yardinflatables.com/Lightsync-Snowman-Singing-Christmas-Music_p_1541.html
  9. She has called twice...but we said no too..after doing TLC...I can't imagine what abc will do and twist...
  10. Xenon...would love to see your display on tv....hope you do it..
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