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  1. I am thinking of upgrading the size of my mega tree for next year and adding 5' or 8' mini mega trees. Does the 10' and 20' mega tree kit from Christmas Light Show use the same base? http://www.christmaslightshow.com/outdoor-lighted-christmas-trees-mega-trees.html Anyone know? Randi
  2. So who here has lights on? Our display is live (with a few things to be amended and added this weekend) Whatcom Wonderland on Facebook!
  3. Where can I find wire trees to buy? I found a twinkling one at Home Depot but don't want twinkling. I don't have time to make any. I can buy online and ship if needed but haven't had any luck on how to find them. I am looking for approx 6' one (pre-lit would be a plus) but not necessary.
  4. I have AL already - just not using it this year. And this actually may be perfect for what we are wanting.....oh will be interesting! THANKS!!!
  5. We are not doing our display this year (in an old rental house with 2 outside plugs!) but we have our mega tree that we have contemplated putting up with our LED Lights. Ideally, I would love for the lights to chase a bit (no music). Is there any product I can buy to just make the led lights chase?! Thank you in advance- Randi
  6. Are there any animated whatcom county people here?? Since I am here now and not doing a display this year, would really like to see one!! Randi
  7. We are moving and downsizing and need to get rid of a few items. We have 3 reindeer and a sleigh mounted on heavy wood AND a santa. Hoping to sell it all for $150 obo - local pick up only (we are in Skagit County). If interested - let me know. Randi
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I just may have to bite the bullet on this one this year.
  9. 16 channels - and you tell us how many lights we need (we have yet to buy them - THIS WEEK!) We REALLY appreciate you and Kauleen just said "I really like him"
  10. We bought a 12 foot mega tree for our light show this year. We use pre-programmed light shows. We were discussing what the best way to use the tree in our show would be - USING our pre-programmed shows. It seems it would be hard to have the tree chase around, unless I programmed it myself. We are thinking we will have to have the tree on one channel per color. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and programming it ourselves is not an answer Randi
  11. Anyone know where I can get the FULL supply list ASAP? We bought the tree last year and have misplaced the list after buying all of the supplies. I think there may have been a few directions with it too..... Randi
  12. We are building this tree: http://christmaslightshow.com/product.php?productid=4&cat=25&page=1 We have 16 channels dedicated to it - LED Lights. Randi
  13. I have ordered, bought, and have all the pieces for a 10' mega tree. How many lights would be ideal for this? I want it to look AMAZING, not just good. We have yet to order lights.......and just realized we MAY be able to put the tree up this year..... Randi
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