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  1. After the kids go to bed you need to put out some whoppers on the ground so they know the deer got the oats.
  2. Tom, hopefully they get better every day. Who cares if you misspell some words. Dont we all from time to time? Maybe you are feeling the contacts because of the sandy feel in the eyes. The first time I put contacts in I didnt feel them. When they dry out I do, which I do have dry eyes so drops sure help that a lot. maybe when I get mine done I will have to plan a vacation on the beach. I wont be able to stand not being on the computer for more than a few days along with other things. Good luck
  3. I started mine on Thursday and ran through today. People were so excited to see the1st garage sale of the year. It was only cause I closed my daycare and wanted to clear the toys and baby stuff out of the house. But being the 1st one sure gives you good sales. The best part was only 1 person asked me to reduce the price for them.
  4. Tom I am glad to hear the surgery went well for you. Let me know if it helps out on being able to read better. I hope to have it done in about a year. Without contacts I can wear a pair of 200 cheaters and see perfect but still need 150s with contacts. I dont believe it changes that all that much but maybe I am wrong. Would love to hear more from people that have had it done.
  5. It is adorable and so is your daughter.
  6. Good luck. I know of several people who have had it done and they totally have loved it. So far I dont know of anyone that has had any complications.
  7. Mike that was very well said! I couldnt agree with you more.
  8. I have balled mine up for 2 yrs now and it really does work great. Never ever had a tangle yet. They do take more room in the totes though. I never had problems with wrapping them around my arm either though.
  9. I wouldnt want to know how much I have invested into the display. All I can say is every year I spend way more than I should. I am hoping with my new career that I will be able to put much more into it though and maybe be able to go with LOR for 09.
  10. It looks nice. I love theinflatables for Easter. I didnt even get a light up as i was out of town for 3 weeks and slept most of the week i got home.
  11. I agree that you do have most of it taken down, but I have to admit that it would drive me crazy if I had to look at it out my window this time of year. No I would not go to the extreme of putting a letter in the mailbox, but I just might offer my assistance on helping you remove the rest of it. The letter made it sound like your yard is trashed, that isnt the case at all, your yard looks great it is just the front of the house. Yes property values are going down across the country right now, it makes no difference who you are, the only good thing about that is if your not looking to move a
  12. I was only able to get 1 set from HD as they ran out very early. But they were put up next to the ones I purchased from Creative Displays and the color was a perfect match. The only ones I have had problems with yet are the sunbeams I got from Menards.
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