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    Started decorating outside in 2000 in honor of my mama who passed away that June. It was her favorite time of year and I like to think she's looking down through the stars enjoying it as much as I do.
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    My 3 four legged friends, and decorating for the holidays: Christmas, 4th of July and Halloween
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    A few Christmas scenes alternated every year giving the impression I have more new items then I actually do.

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  1. Where do you live? Have clear mini's but live in CA and not quite sure how much shipping would be. Should I check how many I have? Cindy
  2. zv0227

    my easter tree

    Looks terrific! Cindy
  3. Hi Cindy, Yes, my address book was "hijacked" while I was on vacation. I'm back now. You should have a couple of legitimate emails from me explaining the situation and the corrective actions -- the most recent one was this afternoon. If you deleted my legitimate emails (and I can understand that), send me a PM and I'll give you the info. Since this is a public message, for the record, MSN and Hotmail have been NO help. Mike

  4. Hi Mike, Was curious to know if your computer has a virus . . . I've received a few emails with your name on it but haven't opened them since you didn't give me a heads up prior. Also haven't run across any recent posts of yours lately so that also makes me think your pc might be out of commission. Anyway just thought I should check it out and hope alls well. Cindy

  5. Not much but donated . . . Remember everybody every dollar adds up and this is really for a good cause. Let family members and friends know, they might want to help out too and Chucks hope for Randy doubling his initial goal might come true. Good luck Randy, Cindy
  6. Let me first say Welcome! As for which mini lights I use I go for the Target/Lowes brand. I usually get them during the after Christmas sale which means cheap, cheap, cheap. Have never had a problem with any of those two store brands. Cindy
  7. Tino, You and your family are in my prayers. God Bless, Cindy
  8. Is the climbing Santa sold? If not could you tell me the approximate size. Thanks, Cindy
  9. Love the Cutouts! I'm trying to add more in my display but have just managed to find a few so far. Congrats on your great find. Cindy
  10. Welcome! You'll find helpful advice when needed and many caring and thoughtful people on this site so I'm glad you're still with us. As for decorating for an apartment . . . don't forget you can outline your windows with lights, put lights around your front door frame and maybe placing an item representing the Christmas season next to your door. Again welcome and Happy New Year! Cindy
  11. Hi Mike, Received your message and would really enjoy seing pictures of your display. Have been keeping an eye out on the posts in hopes to see some so appreciated it when I got your message. When you have the time my email is [email protected]. Looking forward to the pics and last but not least hope you and your family have a Happy New Year. Cindy

  12. Hi Cindy, In a couple of posts you've asked about pictures of my display. If you are still interested, please PM me your email and I will send to what I have to you. I'm not very good at taking pictures or sending them, but I'll do my best. If I could copy my wife on this PM she'd get it done for sure! Mike Mike Weaver

  13. Brian, What snow/bubble machines do you use? I think I'd like to add it to next years display if it's not too expensive. Thanks, Cindy
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