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  1. fwiw, the expo will be in Biloxi MS this year.
  2. Also: Carmina Burana: oh Fortuna Toccata and fugue in d minor
  3. In addition to the above....Here are a few songs that could be used, but aren't necessarily mainstream in the LOR community Phantom of the opera -Andrew Lloyd webber. I prefer the overture. Almost anything by "Nox Arcarna". Werewolves of London Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra Bad moon rising -CCR Black Magic Woman -Santana Boris the Spider - the who Dead mans curve - jan and dean Dead mans party - oingo boingo Don't fear the reaper. -boc Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group Godzilla - boc Ghost riders in the sky - Johnny cash I put a spell on you - CCR Kung fu fighting Mack the knife - bobby Darin Lookin out my back door -CCR Judy in disguise with glasses Magic - the cars Neutron dance No one lives forever The raven -Alan parsons project The telltale heart - Alan parsons project Rubberband man Runnin with the devil Snoopy vs the Red Baron Soul man Splash splash Spooky Surfin bird Tainted love Tubular bells Theme songs to the omen, nightmare on elm street or Halloween Toccata carpimus noctem - TSO Weird science Twist and shout Whip it - devo Who are you? Wild thing You're the devil in disguise. Popcorn Run through the jungle Moon dance In the mood - Ray Stevens Hungry like the wolf Hot patootie Great balls of fire I want candy. Bidibodi bidibu
  4. You could build your own rather than buy one. That being said, assuming the face has multiple positions like open, closed, oooo, eeee: Assign channels as required. Sequence accordingly one note at a time.
  5. Eddie in Madison ms controls 9 houses on his street.
  6. Hire a bouncer and check id's.
  7. You would be surprised. You can likely sell for anywhere between 70% to 85% the current LOR prices.
  8. Wait until January and pick up supplies from the one-year wonders that got into the hobby after watching a YouTube video and then discovering how much headache is involved in the hobby. No,72 channels up isn't to much. But if it is money that concerns you, then start at 32 and build up during subsequent years. Set a yearly budget for what you will spend. In December, buy lights on clearance. In summer, buy LOR on sale The advNtage of LOR is its resale value. If you bust out, you can sell and recoup nearly all your money.
  9. You may want to consider the Monkhouse JUMP tree. Made of steel, it is easy to assemble and lift into the air. They brought one to the Mississippi Mini a couple of years ago. I do not know how tall it was (could have been 30 feet). But it was impressive. http://www.magicchristmasnews.org/magic_christmas_news_002.htm
  10. use guidewires like you use on a mega tree to hold it up at the top.
  11. The problem you would have would be cold temps. You have a recipe for a snapping pole in high, cold winds (cold defined as subfreezing). If you get temperatures into the teens or below, SCH 40 PVC gets so brittle, it will crumble under hand pressure.
  12. A previous thread said to email chuck about this. I don't know if he is monitoring them.
  13. Use a plastic paint by krypton. You might need to prime it first. Painted several of mine. That being said, you might find a local supplier tat sells it in the color you want.
  14. Check the amperage of the fan to see if it is running to specs. If it is, your only hope is to use a spray sealant to try to close pores in the fabric. If this does not help, then it is a dead soldier. Sometimes they just give out.
  15. Play to your audience. If you live in an area where country music is loved, throw in some country. And you can choose the LOR classics like WIW or Christmas Eve Sarajevo Me? I pick a song because I am forced to listen to it 10000 times 1 second at a time. If you can't do that listening to Alvin wishing for a hoopla hoop, then don't do it. Kids like: song about [email protected] So i did, "I [email protected] on Santa's lap now Christmas is going to stink for me". It was the most popular song I did. I even had a young girl walk up to my door to ask if I would do it again (it was the next year and not in the lineup). So there you go:songs you can listen to 10000 times and songs nearly everybody loves.
  16. Dale W

    The Grinch

    I you have a very rare and valuable info able. This will sell on ebay for big bucks. If it is the tripod base, it was a first year model.
  17. If you are looking for an inexpensive, clean, close hotel, I would suggest looking. Into the Royal Town house in Gatlinburg. It is a no frills joint across the street from the convention center. Warning: I would suggest checking out the room before checking in. Disclaimer: I stayed there in 2011 for a couple of nights. The money I saved allowed me to buy stuff. Will not be attending this years event. If I did, this would be on my stay list.
  18. I think it is peaking. With the Mr. Christmas boxes out there and hundreds of videos that tickle the wannabes, I think that the new additions have or will level off. It would take a lot to get more newbies than those who have joined since 2005. I know that here, I was the only guy around. Now, there are dozens. But we have the room for growth.
  19. Tim got bought out and the terms were never disclosed. When he sold, it ended his line. Sure miss him.
  20. If you want to get creepy, try Nox Arcana. They aren't a metal band, but have a goth sound that is over the edges creepy
  21. Welcome to my Nightmare, Feed my Frankenstein both by Alice Cooper. They may not be new, but I have not seen where these have been heavily promoted by posters here and LOR
  22. While I haven't gotten sponsors for a light show I have gotten them for civic projects in the past. You have to use your network of friends or companies you do business with. Some may simply donate cash. Others may donate stuff. When you "sell" the idea, you can state that you donated $xxx to charity, had xx visitors a day, played xx hours of music a day and could insert " we would like to thank our sponsor, XYZ Bank for their financial support. If you partner with a charity, get them to help you. Things to think about: In today's times, they might not want to sponsor you if they find elements of your display or your personally and/or background objectionable. They may inject their opinions into what you play or say. Hope this helps
  23. they appear to have this covered with the "traffic nuisance" clause. You might want to kill it this year, let the enthusiasm die and pick it back up next year. or, fight city hall
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