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    Im proud to be an identical twin.
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  1. Does anyone have any mega tree sequences to share? This is my first year doing a mega tree and im a little late with it for sequencing. Thanks in advance.
  2. Just stopping by to say Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day :) Kathi

  3. So, now I've figured out how to leave you a message... but still haven't figured out how to leave a post on this site... LOL

  4. Hi Michelle, Just wanted to try this out... still thinking about doing a mega tree. Where would I look for sequences do you think?

  5. wow...i wont have that many new things...ive been too busy but ill probably have the same and add a few firesticks..

  6. i have 136 lor channels now and two fireflys coming, that 232 channels all together, i'm goin to go crazy this year. i have some big ideas for this year, i just have to see what i can get done.

  7. how is your show planning for 2009?

  8. how is everything is going for yall

  9. Nice pictures! Glad everyone had a good time!
  10. I hope everyone had a good time. I was sick today, so we didn't make it. I hope things went well...
  11. I like the music i heard today!!!
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