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  1. Hi there friends i am here in ontario canada looking at diffrent types of floods for the display this year. all so want to cut down on power and amps being used i like keep the brightness around the 100 wats per flood. what think about Led floods or know were can get at a good price as there still not cheap! or CFL floods at a good price ? love to hear what you people have to say! Merry Christmas Ontario Canada Guelph
  2. Can some one help me i have looked all over Ontario and few places in Usa for 6 volt mini light do you think i can find them any were whats i need is about 280 yellow bulbs, 230 Red bulbs and 120 Green Bulbs all 6 Volt ones. Any help would be great help for me. Thank You
  3. Hi there i am in Guelph and win top display for this City but i do not have a site or pics up but soon to start putting up the Lights
  4. Hello there i got a question about 3 wire rope lights from action lighting red-green rope lights. http://www.actionlighting.com/item-detail.asp?ID=640&MainCategory=Rope%20Light&Sub=3%20Wire%20Rope%20Light i am woundering if any one has put them on window inside of house around them if so how did you get them staright around window frams as our window are plastic frames.All so are they bright enough to use?? any help is great help thanks Kevin:tree::tree::happytree::happytree:
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