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  1. Hi David, Yep this is my 2nd year using AL and have just switched on tonight.....i will hopefully post a video soon....by the way i am in Kendal,Cumbria..just down the road..we come up to Strathaven a couple times a year to visit family...love Scotland!!!! Mark.
  2. Here is a link to a little competition i am running on facebook http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=34066724265 if it works great,if it doesnt or is not allowed then sorry and fair enough. It is open to some friends on facebook but i class you all as friends in here so good luck...GUESS HOW MANY BULBS!!!! Video will follow for you all after switch on 1st Dec 08......just a bit of fun...only 2nd year with AL over here in the UK. mARKO.
  3. marko


    ok...i am in the UK...i want to buy (to top up my current lights) . a case(12 boxes) of the following colours. G12 70 CT RED BLUE GREEN WINTER WHITE.... any suggestions???? I will probably use AL again as i have got everything else of them but i was just wondering if there are any other vendors who have good prices... Hope everyones prep for 2008 is coming on well.... Mark(UK)
  4. marko

    Hi UK?

    Just a quick HELLO to all those UK nutters who are in prep for their 2008 display....yes its been a wet Summer..lets hope its a cold dry and clear(with some snow) Winter.... This wiil be my 2nd year using AL....still wondering if i can pull it all together for the big switch on!!!!!! and a quick HELLO to the rest of you from around the globe ...hope your preparation is coming along nice.. Regards, Mark.
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry,this has nothing to do with our lighting obsession.....does anyone have any recommendations on where to stay for a 14 night holiday in Florida??? I see a lot of houses to stay at on ebay..but a little inside info may save me a few pounds!!! I am from the UK and it is just me,my wife and my 6yr old son... Any advice would be helpful.. Thank you, Mark...
  6. thank youso much,that is a MASSIVE help. checking with AL to c which one will do the job the best. Thanks again!!:]
  7. marko

    charity box?

    what do u use? i dont want to make one from scratch? cheers all.
  8. I am going AL here in the UK for the 1st time GULP,i am getting the Christmas kit etc with a lot of LED strings from AL also,just need confirmation on which transformer to buy? Any AL users in theUK out there who can help?or anyone who can help? Cheers;)
  9. I have got 8 cases of ledG1270 count strings from AL and i was just wondering is it strictly the rule of 3 connected together? How does it work? Plug in the plugs and the ends of the strings?? I am in the UK and am stepping down my power. Just wondering how to maximize the connections??!! Thanks in advance as always:)
  10. marko


    well Mark,i am going AL this year and its all coming tomorrow i think asUPS tried to deliver today. Christmas kit with music(MB):shock:,1 controlleretc, 1 of each size of the full animated trees and a large quantity of led strings!! + 5 shows/songs,i cant wait!!
  11. marko


    Hi, I am going AL for the first time here in the Uk so i am importing lights, does anyone know of any stores that sell led ropelights and ship to the UK?or any type of led light(string,rope or silhouette). I am obviously stepping down the power!! to be able to engage in your madness of Christmas!!! Regards to all. Mark.:shock:
  12. Ok,eyes down lookin' Would it be possible for someone or the nearest person to Kendal,Cumbria to invite my round for a look at there set up(which i know will be stored) and ask lots of questions as i feel seeing say, an lor set up in front of me, will be better to understand rather than asking thousands of questions on this awesome forum!!! Distance isnt necessarily an issue. Regards, Mark.:dude:
  13. Hi, Just wondering if you got any joy with lor about doing things from a uk angle,i so want to sort something out this year but it seems just a minefield on where to start!! I have a "normal"display with inflatables,silhouettes etc but would so love a computer driven display!!! ANy news? Cheers, Marko.
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