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  1. Hello, I just started selling LED's and incandencent mini's if anyone is interested please IM me and I can send you a listing. PA Sales tax applies but S/H included in price per unit.
  2. makes sequencing so much easier! It's a great software package
  3. I can handle either Animated Lighting or LOR
  4. Hi Everyone, I had two songs tapped out for this year and lost my computer. So I'm looking for a quick start to Mr. Grinch, and Heat Miser v. Cold Miser. If anyone could help that would be great!
  5. Refreshing new song! PM Sent.
  6. We had las year 11 trees last year, all with a different theme.. we had a 17' tree with over 5,000 led lights and huge ornaments. We gave an open house last year and invited the entire neighborhood, had over 100+ plus people. Being that it was a first year it went great now everyone is looking for us to do it again this year.
  7. Let me tell you a story, I had a neighbor walk his dog who did his business on my lawn, I don't mind everyone has to go right!, so be polite and pick it up I do. Well I proceeded to ask the man very nicely and he gave me an attitude and kept walking away. I picked it up and put it in a brown paper bag, covered it with lighter fluid and placed it very nicely on his door step, lit it on fire and rang the bell well his first reaction of course was to stamp it out. Needless to say he & his dog are now very respectful of my property as well as many others in my neighborhood. I can only s
  8. I must agree I happen to like them too.. I have several both wire and mesh along with a small sleigh. :happytree:
  9. Absolutly, I can't wait for it to arrive so I can start playing ....
  10. I got a spool at Home Depot. You can try there Good Luck. Eileen:happytree:
  11. :happytree: I'm a newbie just starting out with Animated Lighting's Christmas in a Box ... Last year we just did a little bit of everything including music. This year will be better with the ability to animate the lights to music. I'm a light freek wend out this past weekend an bought 2600 LED's, got the Santa Train with rotating caboose carosel blowup and looking to get even more. I just love Christmas and now i'm even more eagar to Learn so any pointers would greatly be appreciated.
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