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  1. I like the idea of buying the mp3 and using that to run the show. I've decided to buy a laptop for our internet and business use but I didn't want the computer being used while the show was running. That was my deciding factor to buy the mp3. I'm not worried about color ribbon at this time due to the outrageous price.
  2. The one I'm looking at is an HP with 750 hard drive, 4g ram, and intell processor. I'm in Iowa.
  3. I need to buy a new laptop. Question is, what does it need to have to run light o rama? How much ram and hard drive? I also will use it for internet of course. Thanks
  4. Just curious if anybody has suggestions as to where I coud buy LED lights in the off season? Thanks.
  5. Thank you. The tech support guy recommended basic plus since Im adding my own songs.
  6. I just have one controller and not the superstar. So, can I add as many songs as I want to my show/sequence? I saw on the website that each package only supports x amount of "tracks". This is all confusing for me. Sorry.
  7. I just purchased my first LOR. 1602W used from a friend. I need to download the license but my question is this: Say I want to add 10 songs to my show by making my own sequences. Do I need a certain program or will the basic or basic plus permit me to do this? Just need to know which one to get before I soend money on the wrong one. In reality, Im looking at 4 songs for this year and adding more next year. Thanks everybody.
  8. Hello everybody, I"ve been digging around on here for a few days and cant find any helpful info. We bought a new house last year and went from vinyl siding to aluminum. I've got hundreds of clips that I bought at menards that worked excellent for the vinyl. The problem Im having now is the clips will not slide uner the aluminum siding. Just curious if anybody has found some sort of a clip to fit under the laps? I dont want to drill holes nor do I want to spend a fortune on suction cup clips. Any help would would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Thats what I was figuring. Also figured it was stupid question but had to ask. Just trying to get all the info I can now. Thank you!
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but here goes... I see guys using LOR and they have lights that change colors. For instance, I saw a guy whose ice cicle lights turned from red, to clear, to green. May be a stupid question but can the LOR make them change colors or would I have to buy multi colored strings or multiple DIFFERENT colored strings? Just kind of confusing. I've been putting up lights for 20 years, and am finally going to start LOR next year so I'm trying to get some info now. Thanks everybody!
  11. Well, didn't wrap any connections and it rained today. NOW NOTHING WORKS!!!!!
  12. I live at 903 Jones Street in Bettendorf. Check it out!
  13. I have a 250 multi-colored C9's and 5100 mini-bulbs for sale. All brand new and all green cord. Send me a pm if interested!!
  14. Well, I've got just over 20,000 up. Need to add another outlet then I can finish up. As far as LED's go, they may use less energy but I can't see spending a couple grand on the amount I would need. Mini lights and c9's all the way!
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