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    Has anyone used the led version of these with any success. I have read both good and bad posts on amazon most of which complained about the lights not lasting and brightness fading during the season. i dont want to waste my time or money any input would be great. http://lawnlights.com/
  2. Im making an 8 foot octagon shape planned on using 10 channels due to the octogan having 8 sides no matter what i do my marks just wont line up. I took my measurement divided it by 10 which works fine but the problem comes in when i wrap. With only 8 points around the tree to tie off i can never hit the 10th mark cause i only have the 8 polls. Driving me crazy think i may just make it 1 color 8 channels 8 foot tall. Using 100 count c6 wrap around to the top and back down so its basically having 2 strands per channel alot more cost affective then buying (2) 50 count strands.
  3. How many times do u wrap ur lights around the tree because i did mine 2 times. When i seq it from channel 1-10 it looks good but when u try and mix it up then it looks like somethings missing should i change it to 1.5 times around the tree?
  4. has anyone purchased any of these if so do u have an email for him i see he has not been on here for 3 weeks and i am interested
  5. I am thinking of doing 2 small spiral trees 7 foot tall 3.5 feet base. Using 50 count c6 leds and 8 channels. I am new to the spiral thing and have no idea what the sequencing looks like does anyone have a seq they are willing to share so i can see some ways to change it up. i have a 16 foot mega tree and have no prob doing that but looking at the spiral looks intimadating. Using lor how do you even draw something like that in the visualizer any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!Not looking to steal anyones seq just want to get the idea of what it looks like in lor.
  6. Anyone buy these yet if so how are they
  7. I would love to see a lightorama screen shot of the spiral tree during the sandstorm song from 1:20 to 1:40 just to get an idea of what the choreographing consists of. Also what the approx height of the tree and the size of the base?
  8. I am thinking about doing a spiral tree but i want to use 4 colors. Do most people do horizontal vertical mix or do you have some that are just spirals.
  9. $195 is including shipping forgot to add this to my post opps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ultra projector with virtual santa pre programmed brand new just received it yesterday $195 pm me
  11. I think the only problem with those hooks is going to be i have 4 strands of c9's strung together and i dont think those hooks are going to keep all the lights straight!
  12. I have 4 colors strung together i use shingle tabs for my roof but i have a 20 foot high chimney thats sided and i wanted to go around the perimeter with lights. I dont know what clip to use because i want the lights to point out as i have here in the pics. I was planning on using the little clip right on the light it self but the slightest little movement and the light moves plus having 4 strung together will have even more weight. How can i accomplish this any help would be great???
  13. I am just curious as to what thinkness ply would was used?
  14. Has anyone used the led video curtains in there shows and are there any videos that you can post showing how you used them. Im trying to decide if i want in buy one or not.
  15. hey hows everything going?...picked up some nice large wire frames from an old timer today.....just dont have enough energy to re wire them....lol...i want to use led's.....i have been looking for the heads up section on here and cant find it....you said its at the bottom of the screen...i just dont see it.. hope everything is gong well tom

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